Backyard Wedding Table Ideas (21 Examples With Pictures)

Are you looking for an amazing and exceptional backyard wedding table that will fit into your budget? 

You don't have to worry, you get to see beautiful ideas that will inspire you to have the best wedding arrangement that you guests will be pleased with.

One of the special days in human life is a wedding day. That’s why most people put in the best arrangements, starting with the planning.

 How beautiful and colorful of your wedding depends on the wedding hall with well set tables. 

You don’t need to empty your account before you have the best backyard wedding table to supersede your expectations.

In this article, I want to show you beautiful and exceptional backyard wedding tables ideas that will definitely fit into your budget.

1. Round Tables Weddings

Your backyard wedding tables to be exceptional, you only require a thought out for your to make your wedding excellent.

This setting will help you to control and accommodate whatever number of guest you may want to invite.

This wedding table idea will male every guest to be part of the wedding. It also fosters family love among wedding guests.

Round wedding table idea is simple and affordable. You can decide to have your wedding tables in this format.

2. Double Side Long Table Idea

How many invitees are you expecting? This wedding table idea is for those who are expecting more people.

Even though the tables are long, the decoration is beautiful. Long standing flowers are used to beautify the table at every close distant rage. It has a candlestick to make it unique and exceptional as well.

3. Four Corner Weddings Table With Flowers

This wedding table idea at the backyard has an exceptional flower flask at the center that makes the environment beautiful.

The flowers beautify the environment and add value to outer space. Make the wedding hall an exceptional place for your guests. This backyard wedding table reception is beautiful and affordable.

You can bring out the table in your house and arrange them in the way you want the setting to be. Cover the table with clean white clothes. 

Then, put multiple flowers at the center of the tables to make the setting excellent and beautiful.

Your wedding table is ready when you arrange the table you have in your house like this one in the picture above. It is affordable and cheap for your wedding.

4. Creative Tables For Wedding

You don’t have to take a wedding loan before you get the best wedding. Proper planning will give you the best wedding.

You may not necessarily spend money on everything at your wedding. Even though weddings are very important, there are things you can get from your house to make your wedding exceptional.

Some of those things are wedding tables. The table in your house will give you a beautiful backyard wedding event.

This is one of the most affordable wedding tables ideas. Irrespective of your budget you can afford these wedding tables.

5. Wedding Table With Candlesticks at The Center

This is an amazing wedding sitting that is decorated with candle sticks. An excellent site that will add value to your wedding.

You can make your wedding sitting to be like this. Beautify the environment in an extraordinary way.

The setting is a combination of round table and the four corner tables. The arrangement of the tables make it exceptional. Beautify the center of the table with flower flasks.

6. U-Shape Wedding Table

This is a backyard wedding table to serve many invitees. Irrespective of the number this wedding table idea will definitely accommodate them.

With this setting, you don't have to worry about the number of guests coming to honor your invitation. Because the arrangement makes it beautiful to accommodate many.

The setting is on both sides, that gives an opportunity for guests to interact with each other while the celebration is going on.

7. Circle Shape Wedding Table

This is an exceptional backyard wedding table design that provides space in the center for the couple to have a mini dance.

It has two entrances that the couples can dance in or out of the reception venue. This way you have an extraordinary wedding celebration that will make you remember your wedding over the years.

The place is mounted in the backyard as a hall to separate it from the entire outer space. This is a unique arrangement that will make your wedding exception.

8. Backyard Wedding Table With String Light

Wedding table with string light at the backyard

What a beautiful site for wedding tables at the backyard. The trees are designed with string lights to make the environment beautiful.

The arrangement is very simple and well organised. The environment is well thought out. With string light to add value to sight. 

This is a beautiful idea for backyard wedding tables. The setting is an excellent setting that requires you to host my guests.

9. Wedding Round Table

Are you constrained by space in your backyard? To the point of worry about the guest you have already invited. 

Your backyard deck can serve as a place to accommodate many visitors. Decorate it with round tables with any color of seats you desire.

You don't need to worry, the round wedding tables are designed to accommodate more people irrespective of the space.

One round table can take up to 6 to 8 guests. That means, 3 round tables will accommodate 18 to 24 guests.

With these round table ideas, you’re not limited at all. Your space will accommodate whatever guest you may have invited because of the sitting arrangement.

The beauty of it again, is that you have a good color combination of white and purple. You can decide to change the color to your own desire.

10. Round Wedding Table Around Tree

Wedding table around tree at the backyard

Do you have a tree in your backyard? Turn it into a wedding reception to host your friends during your wedding. You are required to pay for a hall. 

Weddings are all about being creative, which make your wedding day exceptionally different from others.

This setting will make your wedding reception among the best. Because this type of setting is not common.

For your wedding, you deserve the best, therefore give yourself the best wedding sitting arrangement to make your guest feel at home.

11. Bridesmaid Wedding Table

This sitting arrangement provides a separate setting for the couples. You have an opportunity to sit differently from the guest as a couple.

The sitting arrangement gives you an opportunity to everyone that makes out time to attend your wedding interact with themselves.

12. Center Hole Sitting Wedding Table

Wedding Table at the backyard

This sitting arrangement allows you to create a center hole at the middle. Make the setting arrangement unique and exceptional different from many other receptions in your area.

The decoration of the tables is excellent. You can decide to choose any color of materials to design your own table.

This is a backyard mini hall to host your guest during your wedding reception. This backyard wedding table is excellent to help you choose the number of people you want in your wedding reception.

13. Wedding Table with Candlesticks

Wedding table with string lights

Wedding table setting with beautiful designs to ensure you have the most excellent wedding. Use candles to make it exceptional out look for your guest.

You can also turn the entire environment into light. Use string light to make the entire place an exceptional reception for your guests.

The long table gives you more space to accommodate more people and the time is spacious enough for guests to enjoy themselves without having to push anybody away.

14. Wedding Table For Family

This is a very simple wedding table seating arrangement in the backyard. The wedding table arrangement at this backyard for those who have limited space in their backyard.

This Idea is for those who don't need a crowd at the wedding. Just your bride and the groom families are required to be here.

The setting is good for the both families to meet themselves in a unique way that will bring familiarity.

The wedding table setting helps you to invite only both families. And not outsiders in the receptionist. 

15. Round Table With a Center For Dancing

Are you the type that likes to dance? Then, this setting will definitely be what you’re looking for. The setting is so unique that you have a space for couple to dance with friends and well wisher

The setting is so nice, simple and affordable to achieve without stress. An excellent wedding setting for both the couple and the guests

16. Wedding Table With String Light

This is an excellent wedding table setting with all string light all over the place. This exceptional ideal for those who want to have super reception for their wedding.

The entire hall is decorated with string lights that beautify the entire hall in a unique way that will make your wedding colorful.

Every column inside the hall is lit up to make your wedding hall unique and glamouring as well. You make your wedding hall look this way.

17. Simple Wedding Table

This is a simple wedding table with a design to give your wedding guests a perfect place to sit and enjoy.

This kind of setting doesn’t require much amount of money to get this done. Just get the table and seats in your house cover it with clothes that is all. With this you're ready to host your guests.

18.  Customize Wedding Table

These are creative wedding tables to make your wedding exception. Each table is set to entertain 3 to 4. This setting gives you the exceptional way to make your hall beautiful. 

Give your wedding the best you ever think. Make it one the best day of your life. Give it a colorful setting that makes it excellent. 

19. Open Hall Wedding Table

You have a high table for couples. As a couple you have your seat separated from the guest. 

This type of setting gives an avenue to see everyone that honors your invitations. Make your wedding and excellent place that you guests will be delighted to be.

The hall is an exceptional way to make it look beautiful and adoring for your invitees to love the customise design.

20. All White And Green Wedding Table source

Do you want to host your guest in one center table? This table idea will give you all that desire for your wedding.

Everything is set out on the round table to beautiful the environment just the way you want it to be.

This setting allows your guests to meet themselves and have memorable fun that will make your wedding be in their lips.

21. Simple Backyard Wedding Table

This is the most exceptional wedding table arrangement in the backyard, set up to make your wedding beautiful.

The bride and groom are both in the midst of the guest, having fun and enjoying themselves for a greater glory.

The setting for those who are not particularly interested in the clown of many people coming to their wedding.


These wedding table ideas are carefully selected to inspire you to have the best wedding reception.

You can either choose any one from these table seating ideas or customise your own the way you want it to be. 

Wedding is a special day that you deserve utmost joy and celebration that will make you have the most excellent table setting that your guests will admire.