5 Backyard Deck Alternatives (with Pictures)

Decks in the backyard add value and beauty to your outdoor space.

However, you can get creative and choose to decorate your backyard differently. You’ll love some off the alternatives that I’ll share here.

In this article, I want to show you some backyard deck alternatives you can construct to add value to your backyard. 

These deck alternatives are creative ideas you may want to try. they don’t cost a lot.

In fact, some of them can be achieved with kits and elements in your backyard.

These alternative backyard structures offers opportunity to enjoy in open-air gatherings while hosting friends or having fun with family. It also helps you to enjoy the night breeze. 

These alternative decks are what you can afford irrespective of your budget. They’re designed to meet your outdoor needs.

Let’s dive right in.

Backyard Deck Alternative; Tree Stumps

This is a creative idea to add value to your backyard. Tree stumps are designed in a seating form to represent the deck in the backyard.

The tree stumps, which are an alternative to decks, are affordable. This idea is to meet your budget while adding value to your backyard.

The stumps serve the same purpose as the deck. Most people like the tree stumps as an alternative to deck because they’re natural and sometimes, inexpensive to harness.

It’s a natural way to transform your backyard to be the best place you want it to be.

The tree stumps give individuals a comfortable seating position while they enjoy the outdoors.

These tree stumps are crafted in such a way to give the backyard a beautiful outlook that appeals to the eyes.

These are not common designs you find in the backyard. The idea behind this purpose is to enhance the outdoors.

One of the good things about tree stumps is that you can move them to any position you desire in your backyard.

You can shape them to any design you want, to match the beauty you desire in your backyard.

Tree stumps are modern ways to increase your backyard value. The tree stumps may look simple, but they add more expression of beauty to your outdoors. 

Backyard tree stumps are an amazing way to spice up your backyard and make it comfortable for the family.

You can shape the tree stumps into any design you want to fit your outdoors.

You can as well paint the stumps with any color you desire that will best add value to you outdoors.

Take advantage of tree stumps today to modify your backyard. The space in your backyard is what determines the number of stumps you need. 

The particular designs you envision is what determine how many stumps you want to beautify your backyard with.

Alternative #2: Low Gravel Patch

You don’t need to have a big budget before you turn your backyard into a beautiful place.

A low floor gravel is an alternative way to enhance your backyard outlook. Though, it may be simple but it’s adorable to the eyes. 

The beautiful part of this is how you carve out the shape. You can either create rectangular shape (just as in this picture above) or circular shape. 

The low gravel parch are affordable design your backyard. And you can do it by yourself.

Create a circular or regular shape in your lawn and pour gravel. After that level it and put your seats on it. This is a perfect alternative to deck. 

Alternatives #3: Staircase

Are you space constraints in your backyard? Even though there is no space you can turn the backyard staircase into a deck. 

Because of the limited space in your outdoor, you may not able to construct the wooden deck you desire.

However, a staircase might be the right alternative to deck — since it doesn’t take up much space. More so, the staircase is already attached to your house.

No matter how constrained you are with space in your backyard, you can still turn it into a deck. This is the beautiful part of the alternative deck.

Do you know you can turn your backyard staircase to serve the same purpose as a deck? Yes, you can. Staircase is another means to add value to the backyard.

Instead of building a wooden or concrete deck, you can convert you backyard staircase into deck

Since your house has a staircase already, then it’s simple to just convert it into an alternative deck. 

It may sound odd, but give it a try. You will see the outlook your outdoor will have.

Assuming your house doesn’t have a staircase, you can create a staircase to serve as a deck in your backyard.

You can decorate the staircase with flowers and seats that will increase your backyard landscape.

Alternative #4: Seats Under a Natural Shade

Decorating under the trees is another beautiful sight you give your backyard. This could serve as a perfect alternative to a backyard deck.

Take advantage of those trees to create seating place as an alternative to backyard deck

Use string light to beautify the environment. You can as well use paint to beautify the tree trunks.

Increase the value of your backyard by ensuring that under the trees are comfortable to relax.

The trees will serve as shade while you set the seats under it to enjoy the natural breeze. 

Under tree is another alternative to a deck you can create in your backyard.

Increase the value of your backyard by transforming under the trees shade into a place of relaxation. 

This is one of the cheapest ways to create an alternative deck in your backyard. Because the trees are already in your yard. You might make use of the old seats or you may buy new one. 

Alternative #5: Take Advantage of Salvaged Materials to Build a Relaxation in Your Backyard

There are many salvage materials you can take advantage of to create a living place in your backyard.

Get materials like bricks, concrete, paving stones, broken tiles, slate, granite, etc. to beautify your outdoors.

Combine two or more of these materials to produce the best alternative to deck in your backyard.

You can get access to these materials at the home improvement store or at the salvage bins. 

Decorate the floor of your outdoor with these materials and put seats for your outdoor relaxation.  

Turn the materials into useful one to bring out the beauty in your backyard. What matters is the ability to combine these materials to create an alternative to deck.

Why I Prefer Alternatives to Deck

I prefer alternatives to deck because I get to decorate my backyard with my creative idea.

I Designed my backyard without using the traditional wooden deck.

I use these creative means other than the deck to beautify my backyard.

You can as well do the same to your outdoor. 

Another reason why you might choose an alternative to deck is that it’s affordable to build or create.

Most of the alternative decks are not expensive. Whatever your budget is, you can still beautify your backyard.

Alternatives to deck help you to enhance the backyard without you having to spend a lot of money. They’re modern design ideas, which you can do by yourself.

Use Alternative Deck to Boost the Value of Your Home

Do you need an easiest way to increase the value of your home? Then, a backyard deck alternative is the great option.

One of the simple ways to add value or boost the value of your home is by designing your outdoors with such an amazing alternative deck. 

These ideas will improve the outer space of your home. Some of these ideas are simple and easy to install. 

Alternatives to deck in the backyard help you to increase the standard of your home. Just a little idea you’ll get your backyard transformed into a lovely and restful place.

The alternative decks are professionally-designed to give your outer space the glory it deserves.

Homeowners spend more time now in the outdoors compared to before.


Making your backyard a conducive place to have fun and enjoy the beauty of nature shouldn’t cost much. 

Whatever budget you have, you can still transform your backyard to the best outlook you want it to be. 

In this article you have learned how you can turn your backyard into a beautiful place with materials you thought wouldn’t be possible.

With a bit of creativity, you can make your outdoor the living space you want.