Can Deck Tiles be Laid on Grass?

Beautifying your backyard with deck tiles adds value to outdoor space. Makes it useful for you to have fun with your family and friends.

Deck tiles can’t be laid on the grass directly because it will prevent the composite materials from holding firm the soil.

Deck tiles in the backyard provide the conducive environment to enjoy the natural breeze. 

Backyard is an important part of our home and it deserves to be beautified. So, a deck tile in the backyard brings people closer to the backyard which they never thought useful before.

You’re not the only person who wants to know if deck tiles can be laid on grass. 

Can deck tiles be laid on grass? No.

The answer to this question is no because of the factors I want to show you. Read on to know why i said No

You can’t lay deck tiles on grass if your ground is not a level ground or there is no erosion control. Deck tiles directly on the ground will create moisture and mold to grow.

There are factors to consider before you laid deck tiles directly on grass. 

Here are the factors why you shouldn’t lay deck tiles on grass:

  • Erosion/moisture
  • Mold growth
  • Dirty
  • Unstable ground 

Let us quickly look at these factors.


Do you have a level ground? Is erosion properly controlled in your backyard? What type of grass do you have in that area you want to install your deck tiles.

These are the factors you need to put into control first before you lay deck tiles on grass.

If erosion isn’t properly controlled before you lay your deck tiles in the backyard, you will end up wasting your money and time, because it will pull off the deck tiles from the ground floor.

You need to put erosion into control before you lay any deck tiles at your outdoor space.

Erosion has the power to pull off the deck tiles if it’s not well controlled before installing it.

Another reason why you shouldn’t install deck tiles on grass is that deck tiles will produce moisture.

So long there is not proper control of erosion, water and moisture will gather on the soil, most especially during the rainy season. 

Continuing gathering of water around your deck tiles especially when it rains will not make your deck tiles to last long.

This water will always make your deck tiles unsafe to walk on and look untidy. This will make you always clean your deck tiles, which don’t necessarily go well with you and the time factors.

Whatever you are doing, safety is one of the major things you should put in your mind. Once water gathers around your deck tiles, it will be slippery to walk on or for children to play.

Don’t just lay your deck tiles on grass if you have not put your erosion into control. This is also the cause of moisture in your area.

Moisture will damage your deck tiles if not prevent from your deck tiles. If the area of your deck is always moisture and watered, there is possibility for the deck tiles no to last long.

Mold Growth

Deck tiles lay directly on the grass surface without not providing some distance from the ground level will cause mold growth.

When there is no airflow in between your deck tiles and the ground floor where it is laid, mold will definitely grow.

The presence of mold or bacteria in your deck tiles will damage your tiles because there is no excellent airflow in your deck tiles.

It’s advisable when building your deck tiles to create room for proper airflow in between your deck tiles.


Another factor that you need to consider before you lay your deck tiles is dirty. Since your grass is close to your deck tiles will make it untidy.

Your deck tiles will look tidy when it is raised from the ground floor.

To maintain a clean environment around where your deck tiles are laid, you need to raise it above the ground floor.

Deck tiles are not usually advisable to build on grass because of the time it takes to clean the environment.

Unstable ground

When building deck tiles on grass when the ground is not level? Are you putting erosion into consideration at all?

No matter how you balance your deck tiles when building it, with time your deck tiles will get damaged easily.

Unstable ground should be your consideration when building your deck tile on grass if you choose to.

Unstable ground has a negative effect on the deck tiles on the grass floor. The damage might lead to costly repair. 

So why spending high cost to maintain a deck tiles? I think this high cost of maintenance will be avoided if you fix your deck tiles on grass very well.

Do you still want to install deck tiles on grass? If yes let me quickly show you how to get the area ready for deck tiles to be laid on grass.

How to Get The Area ready For Deck Tiles to Lay on Grass

So far, you have no reason why you shouldn’t lay deck tiles on grass, but if you still wish to continue let me show how to do it. 

The first thing to do is get the area in your backyard you want to deck tiles ready before you continue with the work. 

To have a nice and tidy environment for your deck tiles to be laid, kindly follow these tips:

Tip 1: Watch Out For Water Log Area

The section of your backyard you want to lay your deck tiles in shouldn’t be over wet or a place where water gathers neither erosion path.

Tip 2: Check Out For Tree Roots

It’s mostly advisable not to build you deck tiles in a place where there are tree roots. Though, some tree roots go deep on the ground while some close to the surface. This to ensure that the tree doesn’t damage your deck tiles after installation.

Tip 3: Level the ground

The portion of your backyard you want to install your deck tiles is it level enough for you to have to have well laid out deck tiles

If not, you have to level the ground. This can be done by your hand or any other equipment, depending on the size of the space.

How level the ground will determine how balanced your deck tiles will be on the ground floor.

Tip 4: Keep The Place Off Any Obstruction 

The portion you want to deck tiles in your backyard have to be clean and tidy before installation.

This will enable you to carry out the work easily and faster. Also, for your deck tiles to last long.


Backyard is an important part of our home. Adding value to it by deck the environment with tiles will definitely appeal to the eyes.

Installing deck tiles on grass in a matter of choice. There are factors you need to consider before you lay tiles on a grass, which are discussed earlier in this article.

Deck tiles on the grass can be another style of making it more valuable and admirable if you can do it very well.

The portion of your backyard you want to deck tiles have to be clean of any thing that may construct you during the process of laying the deck tiles.