Can I Leave My Dynatrap Out In The Rain?

I can’t imagine my dynatrap not working for a second.

Why? It keeps different insects away from my patio and outdoor resting houses. In particular, it wards off mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects.

So, what happens when your dynatrap is kept in the rain? You really want to know? I did some digging around and here’s what I found:

You can’t leave Dynatrap out in the rain without being covered because the rain can damage the trap and prevent it from working properly. You can only leave it out in the rain when it is placed under waterproof shade.

The Dynatrap is built to the point that water can’t get inside when it is left out in the rain. The technology used in making Dynatrap doesn’t work with water.

Therefore, it’s important you know how to safely keep your Dynatrap. For it not to get damage. 

Let’s dive in;

Why You Shouldn’t Keep Your Dynatrap in The Rain? 

All soluble, especially water is an enemy to dynatrap. It can easily damage it. 

The first dynatrap that I bought got spoiled because water got into it when it rains.

It was outside, under a tree shade and it started to rain, meanwhile I was out of the house. It rains and the tree shade couldn’t provide proper shade to it.

Water got inside and damaged the sensor that stopped the switch from working — because the sensor was completely damaged by water.

The composition of dynatrap makes it not to work with water. It’s not properly sealed-up to prevent water from going inside or resistance to water.

Leaving your dynatrap outside when it’s raining without under waterproof shade can make water to get it inside.

The dynatrap uses a battery that requires electricity to power it. Once water touches the battery, it can damage the cell inside the battery, which will automatically destroy the entire dynatrap.

The engine power of a dynatrap is the battery and the sensor. Battery is the source through which it gets its power from to work effectively and efficiently.

It requires battery to power these under-listed components that makes it effective to keeps flies off the outdoors:

  • Harmless UV radiation
  • Carbon dioxide

These two components require electricity that come from the battery to power. It uses sensors that turn on the ultraviolet light on via the on/off switch.

The Dynatrap sensor is not resistance built, therefore it needs to be kept off from water. When it’s raining, there is a possibility water will touch it because it is not properly sealed up, if exposed in the rain.

When water enters insdie throught the opening where insects passess, it will cause it to mal-function or stop working.

Water does affect the proper working of dynatrap. In some cases, It stops it from working. To prevent it from being damaged by water, it’s advisable to keep it off from rain.

Another area that water can damage in the dynatrap is the ultraviolet bulb. Water does make the screw on the bulb to lust and cause the bulb to function.

The on/off switch is affected by water when the dynatrap is exposed to rain. It’s not safe for the trap to be exposed to rain.

Is it Safe to Place Dynatrap on The Floor/Ground? 

The position of your patio or your backyard resting place is water determines where you’ll place your Dynatrap.

Since we have established that water can damage dynatrap, it’s wise to keep it off from water.

If your patio is 2 or 3 feet above the ground floor then you can place your dynatrap on the patio floor.

When your patio is on level ground, and when it rains water does pass through the patio, then it is not advisable to leave your dynatrap on the ground.

The water passing your patio will damage your dynatrap if it is not placed on top of an object.

Dynatrap places on the ground floor where erosion passes can easily get damaged by the erosion.

The safer position to keep dynatrap is out of rain or where water will not touch it. 

Properly keep your dynatrap out of water if you want it to work effectively and to last longer. 

Where Is The Safe Place To Keep Dynatrap? 

There are various safe places in your backyard where you can properly keep your dynatrap.

I usually keep my dynatrap under waterproof shade in my backyard. Not just all shade but waterproof shade.

The enhencess of the waterproof shade is to prevent water from damaging it when it rains. Once it rains, water could get into the sensor and get it damaged

Especially when I am not around to remove it from the rain. The best way to safeguard your dynatrap is to put it under waterproof shade.

The waterproof shade will prevent rains from damaging it when it rains and you’re not around in the compound.

Under waterproof shade is most safe and a place where you can keep your dynatrap to prevent it from being damaged by water when it rains.

Is Safe to Hang or Stand Dynatrap

How To Maintain Dynatrap

It is easy to maintain Dynatrap. Maintaining a dynatrap does cause any money. Just a few minutes of your time is what is required.

The bug container needs to be clean once a week. You unscrew it and dump the dead bugs out, but the tricky part is that there will be some recently-caught live bugs in there too. 

The Dynatrrap has a Velcro strap you can use to cover the container, so the bugs won’t fly out when you turn off the fan, and they’ll die within a day and then you can dump everything out.

The only aspect that requires you to spend money is the lightbulbs need to be replaced when they burn out, maybe once every 3-4 months, though occasionally they’ll burn out sooner. 

They’re not all that cheap, especially if they burn out quickly, but still much cheaper than propane and lures if they last several months.

Other than that, the main maintenance is brushing off the bug gunk from the funnel area where they enter the trap, which is kind of gross, but not too bad.

For example, when water touches your dynatrap, you can easily dis-assemble it to dry it under the sun.

First, unscrew the upper cover of the lamp before you can remove the bulb. Once you unscrew it you can then remove the bulb.


You can’t leave your dynatrap out in the rain when it is not under waterproof shade if you want it to last long.

Water has the capacity to damage dynatrap when it gets inside the trap. Keeping your dynatrap out of rain will make it last long.