Can You Put a Grill Under Gazebo?

Grill under the gazebo in the backyard sounds nice. 

But do you consider the damage it might cause when you grill under your gazebo?

Some people might say that it keeps the environment warm, while others say you get to enjoy the meal when it’s finally out of the grill.

Can you put a grill under the gazebo? No. 

You can’t put a grill under the gazebo or neither  can you grill under a gazebo because you’re indirectly exposing yourself and your house to a risk of fire.

The damage the grill will cause when you grill under a gazebo in the backyard will over weigh the joy.

Whatever types of grill, either charcoal or propane shouldn’t be found under the gazebo or waterproof canopy at the outdoor space in the backyard.

Many people have got their property and theirself destroyed because of grilling under gazebo.

According to research by the U.S. Fire Administration, about 5,700 grill fires take place on residential property every year, most caused by malfunctioning gas grills. 

These grill fires cause an annual average of $37 million damages, 100 injuries and 10 fatalities. 

In addition, thousands more people visit emergency rooms every year because they have burned themselves while barbecuing.

Do you want to join or add to these numbers of statistics researched by the U.S Fire Administration.

It’s dangerous to grill under a gazebo, especially if you value your property. 

Why do you want to cause yourself pain just because you want to grill under a gazebo, which could be done elsewhere in the backyard?

If the grill under the gazebo is not safe, then where is the safe place to grill in my backyard.

Before we look at the safe place to grill in the backyard let’s quickly look at what gazebo is all about.

What is a Gazebo/Uses

Gazebo is an open freestanding structure in the backyard in a polygon shape with a roof.

Gazebo is either 8 or 6 sides in polygon (hexagonal or octagonal) shape. The shape depends on the builder or the owner.

Gazebo is usually constructed with wood or metal. It has seats under the shade. Gazebo is also beautified with latticework, outdoor curtains.

Gazebo in the backyard adds value and creates a focal point for entertaining visitors.

There are some people that refer to gazebo as alhambra, belvedere, kiosk, pavilion, pergola, rotunda, shed, summerhouse, or tea house according to The Spruce

How Far Should my Grill be From my House

I know you love your property. 

Haven spent a lot of dollars to make your home beautiful to the way it is now you won’t want it to get damaged by a fire.

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends you place the grill a minimum of 10 feet away from your house, garage, breezeway, carport, porch, or under a surface that will burn

Also grill manufacturers will always recommend you place the grill a minimum of 2 feet from your house.

When you adhere to this distance between your house and the grill you will be on a safer side if there is any fire incident during grilling.

Before you grill in your house, ensure you adhere to the recommended distance.

Where is The Safe Place to Grill in my Backyard

Never grill in the indoor of your house.

There are so many safe places in the backyard where you can grill.

The safe place to grill in the backyard is an open area.  

You can also grill in a very low deck. Mainly a concrete deck. 

Wooden deck is not advisable no matter how low it is. Wooden deck is prone to fire. 

No matter the grill you have either propane or charcoal don’t grill under a gazebo. 

You can also grill under a tree that is either 2 feet or 10 feet far from your house, or garage, carport, etc.

Types of Grill

There are two major ways to grill in the backyard. The two ways are as follow:

  • Charcoal grill
  • Propane grill

Whichever one you grill with, adhere to the precautions by the manufacturers and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, this will go a long way to save you from the damage to your home.

Among these two ways of grilling no one is more dangerous than the other. Grilling is prone to cause fire outbreaks in the house.

Charcoal Grilling

Charcoal grilling is in two forms. We have the traditional grilling and the electric charcoal.

When using the traditional charcoal, add the quality to your grill and light it up with matches. Might as well use kerosine to get it lighter faster.

But when using the electric charcoal, it means you electricity to lighten the charcoal. Get a cord that will take current from the house to the place where you want to grill. 

Charcoal Grill Safety

Always use your grill in an open space. Charcoal grills burn off dangerous carbon monoxide gas that easily builds up in closed areas.

When you want to start a charcoal grill, don’t use any flammable or combustible liquid to start the fire. These starter fluids can easily cause an uncontrollable flash fire, when this happens quickly add more charcoal to reduce the fire.

Once you’re done with grilling, allow the charcoal to cool down before you package, or you can as well soak them in water, or dispose them with mental rubber

Propane Grill 

Propane grill is safer than a charcoal grill. It Has so many benefits. Propane grill uses gas to turn the heat that is used to grill.

Propane grill has no smoke when used. Propane grill is not as difficult as a charcoal grill.    

Once you know how to turn the gas, you can propane gas. 

Propane grill should be at least 10 feet away from the house. One he challenges propane grill the hose.

Constantly check the hose to ensure there is free movement of the gas during the grill. Always turn off the gas before you check the hose.  

Propane Grill Safety

Ensure you check your hoses for cracks, blockages, or gas leakage. You can as well check a gas leak, open the supply valve fully, apply a soap and water mix onto the hose and look for bubbles. 

If you see bubbles, there’s gas leaking out of your hose. Immediately you discover any leakage call for a professional to help you fix it. 

For safety purposes, never you store propane cylinders, or other spare gas containers, near the grill or indoors.

Don’t begin your propane grill with a lid closed. Ensure you grill outside in an open environment.

Grill Under A Screened-In Porch How Safe?

Might like to grill under a screened-in porch with propane grill not charcoal.

Charcoal grills produce smoke that will glue the environment and create smell. Charcoal grill can burn hotter compared to propane which increases the risk of fire.

Don’t forget when you grill under the screened-in porch with propane with time the gas will stain the environment.

When you grill under a screened-in porch at the risk of an uncontrolled grease fire. Is not advisable to grill under the porch.


Grill under the gazebo is not safe and it’s prone to fire. Grill at the backyard requires adhere to safety measures.

Your house and your life is more important than the grilling. It maintains 10 feet away from your house if at all you want to grill for safety purposes.

When using charcoal to grill, bear in mind that charcoal easily causes fire if you start it with flammable liquid.

So, whatever types of grill you’re doing in your backyard either propane or charcoal ensure you observe all the precaution measures stated in the article for and your property to be in a safer place.

Grilling is good when it is done in a proper way that is recommended by the grill manufacturers. 

So many have damaged their house and injured themselves because of grilling in a wrong way.