Chillbo Shwaggins Review (Colors, Weight Limit, Best Couch)

Are you looking for the best outdoors inflatable lounger that’ll give you total comfort during hangout?

Then, what you need is Chillbo Shwaggins. This is one of the excellent Inflatable loungers, which you can count on any day for a perfect substitute for a folding chair.

Chillbo is one of the inflatable lounges that have a 100% guarantee for replacement or refund, when you experience any dissatisfaction after purchase.

It’s produced with high-quality materials that last longer than you may be expecting. Among the best inflatable loungers that’s well-processed, which make Chillbo Shwaggins the most resilient air sofa in the market.

Chillbo Shwaggins inflatable loungers are designed with a simple and easy innovative way to inflate it, which doesn’t leave you blue in the face for a bit to blow it up.

 In the article, I completely review Chillbo swaggin products that’ll best guide your buying decision.

Is Chillbo Shwaggins Easy To Inflate?

Inflate Chillbo Shwaggin is very easy and simple. You don’t require any pump to inflate it.

With 2 scoops of air, Chillbo shwaggin inflatable lounger is ready to hangout in. This product is designed with excellent quality materials that allows air to easily inflate the lounger.

inflate lounger

The composition of the lounger makes it simpler for you to inflate it without finding it difficult at all.

Many inflatable loungers in the market are difficult to inflate with air. Unlike other couches, Chillbo Shwaggins are designed with a simple and easy way to inflate it.

Even though you’re new to inflatable loungers products, Chillbo Shwaggin products are first timer-friendly, inflate and set up.

The way to inflate Chillbo Shwaggins is to trap air by closing the mouth before the end of each swoop. 

Ensure the mouth is closed until you start the next swoop. This is one of the loungers with most-easy-tricks of inflatable couch and effortless setup without requiring any assistance.

You don’t need any further training or lessons as a first timer before you can inflate it — the issue of how to inflate cumbersome has been addressed. The position of the mouth makes it easy for air to penetrate in fast.

Just as it’s simple and easy to inflate, likewise, it’s easy and simple to inflate when you’re done using it.

The weight before inflation makes it less weight to carry when going for adventure anywhere and any time.

Does Chillbo Shwaggins Have Elastic Anchor Loop

It comes with elastic anchor loops that you can use to stake it down, especially when it’s windy.

The elastic anchor loop makes it useful during the wind and prevents the high breeze from blowing it out.

The wind or high breeze are not your concern when you use this couch outdoors. You can easily stake Chillbo Shwaggin when it is windy. 

The feature makes the Chillbo Shwaggins products different from other couches in the market .

Can I Take Chillbo Shwaggins Inflatable Couch Anywhere?

Chillbo shwaggins products weigh 3lbs before you inflate it with air. It folds to 13” x 7” x 3.5” that fits in its own carrying bag with shoulder strap.

After inflating the couch with air, the compression sack air lounger has the capacity to support up to 440lbs. Still it weighs just 3 lbs.

Taking this lounge anywhere becomes easy and simple. You can easily carry it on your shoulder for a long distance walk.

Very portable packaged that makes it look neat and easy to carry. It comes with eyes catching colors that makes it the perfect outdoor accessory for adventure. 

This accessory features make it to be the best loungers for beach, camping, fireworks view, musica festivals and perfect couch for water also.

The easy setup feature makes people take it to eventually any adventures that will demand them use loungers.

Is Chillbo Shwaggins Super Versatile?

This is one of the super versatile loungers that you can use for your relaxation in any adventures.

An excellent super versatile for couch that is designed to give you maximum comfort. 

Chillbo shwaggins are a unique irreversible design with high-qualities you need on the couch. 

Are you looking for inflatable furniture for adults or a fun sensory chair for kids? Then, this is the best inflatable furniture for adults and the excellent fun sensory chair for kids.

An inflatable lounger that has the capacity to contain 3 persons at the same time. When turned upside down, it provides you optimal comfort lounge style.

The easiest inflatable ticket to chill outdoors with your family, friends and visitors. 

Do Chillbo Shwaggins Floats on Water?

Chillbo shwaggins are known for their excellent pool inflatable raft couch you can either use to swim or relax with maximum comfort.

This is one of the conches that’ll provide you with a perfect aquatic pleasure especially in the pool. Though, it’s not designed to be used on seas. So, stay away from seas.

These are innovative and revolutionary air chairs that work as pool toys, which you can easily go from dry land to aquatic fun in an instant.

What could be more tranquil than enjoying your cool breeze-gently floating on water with your inflated chair or bench.

Chillbo Shwaggin is Produced With What Material?

Chillbo shwaggin is produced with ripstop polyester, which makes it durable, portable, and lightweight.

The material makes it easy to fold. It folds to 13” x 7” x 3.5” which makes it fit its own carrying bag with shoulder strap. 

The material makes it to be lightweight of 3 lbs and support up to 400 lbs weight after inflated.

The Chillbo shwaggins are produced with high-quality materials and undergo thorough heat processed make up that guarantees durability and portability. 

What Is The Weight Limit For Chillbo Shwaggin?

The weight limit before you inflate it with air is 3.5 lbs. This makes it one of the lightweight inflatable loungers in the market.

The Chillbo shwaggins have the capacity to hold an adult whose weight ranges from 6’9 (210 cm) and 400 lbs (181 kg). You can comfortably stretch out on the lounger.

What Is The Size Of Chillbo Shwaggins After Inflated?

The size of the Chillbo shwaggins after inflated and primed is 7 ft. long (213 cm), 2 ft. wide (60 cm), and 3 ft. (91 cm) high. 

With this size, it has the capacity to hold or carry 3 people at the same time —  enough for three people sitting side by side, or two cuddled up lovebirds lying down.

How Long Does Chillbo Shwaggin Stay Inflated?

The Chillbo shwaggin has the capacity to stay inflated for 3 to 5 hours. But once it starts getting a little saggy, it’ll only take about 30 seconds to be disinflated or supple.

You can sleep in, especially at noon. But once you notice, you can sleep above 4 hour at noon or night then look for something else. 

The Chillbo shwaggin doesn’t have the capacity to stay inflated for more than 5 hours. But if your sleep will not last more than 4 hours, you can use it this counch.

Is It Hard To Get in And Out Of Chillbo Shwaggin?

It’s not difficult nor hard to get in and out of the Chillbo shwaggin. It’s very simple and easy to do with any formal training for first time users.

Follow this procedure to get in and out of Chillbo shwaggin.

First, sit down in the middle position and ensure your butt is firmly planted down. After this, swivel your feet and head 90 degrees so that you’re stretched out evenly across the lounge. 

To get out of the couch, simply do the same thing in reverse. Avoid back-bending acrobatics while on the couch.

Does Chillbo Shwaggin come in different colors?

It comes in 12 different eye-catching colors with designs. That meets your styles of couch you may desire.

This is one of the highest color inflatable loungers you can choose from to have the best outdoor relaxation.

This different style of color and designs makes it one of the best designed couches you get in the market.

Does Chillbo Shwaggin Have Side Pockets?

The chillbo shwaggin has a side pocket that you can use to hold books, magazines, reading glasses, snacks and also to keep ice cold beer for easy retrieval.


Chillbo shwaggins are a good product that you can use to have memorable outdoor adventures. 

These are cost-friendly inflatable loungers that’ll definitely fit into your budget any time and any day.

It’s constructed with high-quality material that makes a portable, reliable, and durable couch you can count on.