Desert Landscape With Cactus Ideas (20 Examples With Pictures)

Cactus and succulents are one of the best landscape plants you can use to  beautify your backyard.

In this article, you will see 20 amazing and eye-catching ideas for desert landscapes with cactus.

These plants are becoming the most popular designs in the garden nowadays.

Cactus and succulent are not just known for the beauty it adds to the garden but its fruits and pads make its ways into cocktails, salads, and jellies.

Why Cactus Not Any Other Plants

These amazing plants can grow or integrate with other plants that can withstand the tough weather conditions. 

Because these plants are tolerant trees like the shrubs, perennials, and ornamental grass, which you can use to make your backyard look like natural designs.

Cacti and succulents plants are affordable and require little maintenance. They survive at any climatic change and it does not like much expenses before you have it in your garden.

One of the best candidate plants you can have in your garden to make it look attractive and feel the cool breeze of desert.

Cacti and succulents plants are not just for outdoor but also beautify the indoor because of the it nature to survive the potten environment

1. Luscious Greens

Luscious green are plants you can use to make your garden or backyard you look the same thing with desert.

The landscaping is one of the most excellent way to make you feel the atmosphere of desert. Luscious green are special plant to make your garden look beautiful.

2. Prickly Pear Cactus 

This is an excellent plant you can add to your landscape in your backyard. It’s a way of bringing dessert to your backyard.

It brings the memory of the desert into your backyard. Make you feel the pleasure of having desert in your backyard.

This plant has fruits that you can use to make syrups, and jams you can use to sweeten your salad.

Most people grow this plant in their backyard to bring desert because of the multiple uses. 

Apart from the edible benefits of prickly pear cacti, your landscape will look beautiful and full every time prickly pear blooms.

3. Candelabra Cacti

This is a nice way of tuning your backyard into desert landscaping. It has nice cup-shaped flowers that open in the morning and close in the evening. 

The fruits of Candelabra are edible and medicinal, though it is acidic in its native habitat. The height of Candelabra cacti is about 10 feet tall and wide. 

The beautify part of the Candelabra is that it grows on the hillsides. If you have a slope in your backyard, this plant will make your garden look excellently beautiful.

This is one of the best plants for xeriscape in your garden. It’s also perfect for rock gardens with other succulents.

This plant can withstand any weather conditions, that’s drought-tolerant.

4. Rock Garden

Do you want to bring the real desert into your garden? Then you need this type of landscaping in your garden. 

The white rocks give you a view like that of the desert and green the environment of the succulents and cacti.

5. Weather Conditions Tolerant Plant

This plants has the capacity ti withstand any weather conditions, that’s why its perfect for make your backyard beautiful.

6. Strawberry Cactus


This plant can also survive in a container. It looks beautiful and attractive when you grow it in your backyard.

These plants have clusters of free branches. The stems are sometimes bent and can easily be bound to any direction of your choices.

It’s a drought tolerant plant you can use to beautify your garden to make it look excellent eye catching. It is about 28 feet tall.

7. Use Hues to Beautiful Your Backyard

Desert botanical gardens

Use combine hues to give your garden an exceptional outlook that it deserves. These plants are exceptional that you can’t easily find out there.

It is really a desert sight outlook, which you need to make your backyard excellent.

8. Mammillaria polyedra


Mammillaria polyedra is a low growing cactus with 12 inches tall and 5 wide inches. It braches are at first solitary and latter become expanded. 

It has a beautiful flowers, which make it difficult to separate it when it is vegetable state.

9. Beautiful Succulents

many cactus

All green succulent, which has water inside that make drought tolerant and always beautiful irrespective of the weather conditions.

10. Customized Landscape

Landscape succulents

This gives you an ideal on how you want the design of your backyard to look like.

Using gravel and all kinds of flowering plants to add value to your garden.

11. Landscaping your backyard in form of Base Mountain

Landscaping your front yard with mountain type look.

You may want to desert landscape a potion of your yard with cactus ideas. Then you can consider using grave, white rocks and grass at the out-mark with a befitting design in your yard.

This design is affordable and low maintenance cost.

12. Succulent Cactus Garden

Desert Landscape Idea

This desert cactus garden is made up with a delightful little rock garden, which has bright pink blooms on the top of the few cactus.

The front of the cactus has varieties of succulents that make the garden full and beautiful.

13. Red Desert Landscape Cactus Garden

Desert Landscape cactus ideas

There are various ways to transform your yard into desert landscape cactus. And one of the ways is this one. By using different types of cactus plants to add value and bring desert into your home.

The red plants shale will greatly enhance your garden in a very special way that will make your backyard look unique.

14. Desert Landscape

Desert landscape with cactus

Nowadays you don’t need to go far before you can see the desert. Just with little cactus you can bring desert into your backyard.

Make the desert landscape cactus homestead by bringing in tables and chairs for relaxation. The landscape will make your outdoor beautiful and excellent look.

15. Shady Hideaway

Shade plants are another good way to make your backyard desert plant look exceptional.  

Mainly, cactus in its nature requires a lot of sunlight, therefore this type of cactus will definitely make your garden look nice.

16. Beautify Your Indoor With Cactus

Indoor Cactus garden

Do you know that not all cacti require to be located outdoor? This cactus is perfectly good for indoors. It will make your indoor look beautiful and nice.

This is a beautiful idea that will make your indoor desert look excellent and beautiful. 

17. Prickly Pear With Rock

Landscape with prickly pear

These are cactus that work perfectly well with rocks. They look like busting through the rocky ground to pave their way out of the rocks. 

The beauty of it is that they stand alone to make the yard look like a desert landscape with cactus.  

18. Use Spiny Aloe to Landscape Your Yard

Use aloe to landscape your yard

This is another way to combine aloe with cactus to landscape your backyard. Even though the cactus is suppressed with aloe, it still blooms beautifully.

19. Varieties of Cactus

Green plants with Cactus

These varieties of cactus will make your garden look beautiful and stunning. You can also make your yard look this way.

Bringing varieties of cactus into your yard will make it look unique and eye catching sight. The sight these varieties of cactus bring is nice. 

20. Mountain Desert Landscape With Cactus 

Exotic cactus landscape

Does your yard have topography? You can construct an artificial topography in your yard if there is none.

Then take an advantage of the topography to landscape your yard with beautiful cactus that will make it look good.

When creating the topography use rocks and grave to make the area look natural and real.

Irrespective of your yard space you can do it and make your outdoor desert look beautiful.

This is a way of bringing non existing features into your backyard to make it beautiful and excellent.


These desert landscapes with cactus ideas in this article are to guide you when you landscape your yard.

You can get an idea from these desert landscapes with cacti when you want to beautify your backyard.