Do Backyard Birds Eat Blueberries?

One of the most popular foods for birds is blueberries. The fruit serves as a source of sugar to birds. 

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Do backyard birds eat blueberries? Yes! Backyard birds do eat blueberries. Blueberries are one of the most preferable fruits by birds.

Because this fruit serves as sugars to birds. It gives birds the essential energy during the summer.

The energy they get from the blueberries help them to maintain body heat, during fall, winter, key seasons for breeding, and migration.

Blueberries attract birds into your backyard. That’s why most birders use blueberries in their bird feeder.

Blueberries are highly nutritional. The aromace from blueberries invites birds more than other fruit in the backyard.

Why You Should Feed Your Bird With Blueberries And Fruits

Most birds like fruits because of what they do to their body system. One of the major benefits that birds get from eaten fruit is energy.

Research review that every bird owner should feed their birds with fruits on a daily basis — especially blueberries.  

Blueberries and other fruits provide carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to birds. It is most important that you feed your birds with a 15 -30% diet to be fruit at least twice daily .

Blueberries and vegetables have one of the best nutritional values that help birds to build their immune system, and give them energy to move about.

Uncooked food gives birds more nutrition than the cooked one. Blueberries give more nutrition to birds than any cooked food you may serve them with.

The great ways to enrich your birds is by feeding them with blueberries and some other fruits. 

Birds don’t require fruits because of the energy they get from it only but also the sugar taste from. 

During winter birds mainly feed on blueberries. Also when the ground is too hurt, insects that birds feed on hardly surve, therefore the main food left for them at this moment is fruits.

Is There Any Fruit or Vegetable Harmful to Birds?

It’s interesting to know that inasmuch as birds like fruits, there are still fruits that are harmful to their health.

Not all fruits that birds eat give them energy. Some fruits are toxic to birds, likewise there are some that are of great health benefits to them.

Just as many vegetables give birds many health benefits likewise there are some that’re not good for their health.

Let’s dive into the various fruits and vegetables that you shouldn’t feed your birds with. 

  • Avocado
  • Chocolate 
  • Caffeine
  • Salt 
  • Fat
  • Fruit pits and apple seeds
  • Onion and garlic
  • Xylitol
  • Apple seed
  • Mushrooms
  • Tomato leaves
  • Caffeine
  • Onions
  • Dried beans



Avocado leaves contain some substances that are dangerous to birds. Some of the chemicals that avocado leaves contains are persin, a fatty acid. 

These chemicals affect the respiratory and weaken the body system, and kill birds. Though there are some avocados that leave that safety to birds. Not all are dangerous to the birds.

It is somehow difficult to know the types of avocado leaves that’re safe for birds. That’s why it is mostly advisable to better avoid it, for you not to harm your birds.

The quantity of leaves they could consume before they’re affected isn’t yet known. These are the reasons while you should avoid feeding your birds with avocado leaves.

Some of the diseases that avocado leaves cause to birds are cardiac distress and sometimes heart failure.

The safety of your birds are very important, therefore keep avocado leaves far away from birds.


Chocolate not good for birds

The easiest way to prevent your birds from having diarrhea is not to feed them with chocolate. Though chocolate may be the favorite food for some human beings — not god for birds.

Chocolate affects the digestive system of birds. It causes them to have difficulties eating, which can easily kill them. Once birds find it difficult to feed, it easily leads to their death.

Chocolate also affects the birds nervous system and seizure of their feathers. Chocolate affects the flying move of birds. It’s better to keep chocolate away from your birds. 


Never you think because a particular food is good for human consumption that it will be good for birds.

Some of the food that is consumable to humans is dangerous to birds. Just the caffeinated beverages are dangerous to birds.

Caffeine affects the heartbeat of birds and also makes them malfunctions. It causes arrhythmia, hyperactivity and cardiac. 

Before you share your beverage drink with your pet birds, ensure there is no caffeine in it. The absence of caffeine in the beverage will increase the health condition of the birds.


Most times, many human being prefer salt in their food but salt is harmful to birds.

Every human being requires a certain amount of salt in their food while salt causes a lot of health issues to birds.

Salt causes dehydration, kidney dysfunction and easily leads to death as well. You have to watch the number of salt foods your birds feed on to avoid excessive salt that might lead to their death.



Mushrooms are another food that you should prevent your birds from eating. they affect the digestive system of birds.

Even the stems of mushrooms cause liver failure as well. Prevent birds from coming close to the area where mushrooms are planted in your backyard. 

Protect your birds from consuming both raw and cooked mushroom, if you want them to leave long.

Fruit Pits And Apple Seeds

apples seed not healthy for birds

Birds gain so many delicious health benefits from apples. Apples are generally safe for your birds.

But apple seeds are dangerous to birds. So, before you serve birds with apples, peel it and slice it into smaller portions to remove the seeds.

If you love your birds don’t allow them to eat apple seeds. It is very dangerous for their health. Apples seeds contain some toxic substances that are harmful to birds’ health.

Tomato Leaves


Tomates enhance the health conditions of birds. It provides birds the sufficient energy they require. Every part of tomatoes are good for birds except the green part that is not yet ripe.

Remove the green part of tomatoes to serve your bird a healthy fruit. The green pat is toxic to your birds.

Slice the clean tomatoes into smaller pieces and remove the green part before you feed your bird with it.

Do this because the back of tomatoes have high acidic content, which is not good for birds. One of the only ways to remove the acidic nature in the skin of tomatoes is to slice it and remove the green part. 

You may decide to feed your birds with any of the vegetables or fruits apart from tomatoes. If need be.

Onions And Garlic

Because, many people consume these veggies, that’s why many hold the view that these will be good for birds.

However, the reverse is the case. These veggies are toxic to birds and some other animals like dogs, and cats. 

Garlic and onion contain sulfur compounds that when chewed affect the esophagus of birds. These fruits are not healthy to birds either cooked or served raw.

Some of the effect on birds are the rupture of the red blood cell, which results in anemia that lead to death. These fruit are dangeroius to birds, therefore they should be avoid.

Do you know that garlic contains an acid called allicin? Yes it does. This acide causes weakness in birds.

You can either spice up the vitamin A-rich of your birds with hot pepper instead of garlic and onions. This will help you prevent some of the disease that onion and garlic causes.

Even though anion and garlic are two important spices for human consumption but they are harmful to birds. 

To preserve the lives of your birds avoid feeding with meals that has onions or garlic in it. Garlic and onions are dangerous to the health of a birds.

How to Prevent Birds From Eating Blueberries 

Do you have blueberries in your compound and you don’t want birds to destroy it? I want to show you a few ways to prevent birds from eating your blueberries. Let dive


The location of your blueberries in your compound matters a lot. Birds like the edges of the yard. They also like to perch on the shrubs trees in the compound.

Therefore, when you want to grow blueberries in your compound move them away from edges and shrubs in your backyard. 

Get a Cover

When you notice that your blueberries are getting mature, then cover them with bird net. You can as well create a row cover around them.

Secure the net very well to the point where birds can’t remove it or get access to eat the blueberries. This is one of the best ways to protect your blueberries from birds.

Put a Sparkle Object Around The Blueberries

Get tiny birds scare tape or foil paper and put across the blueberries trees. Get as many of these materials to tie around the blueberries trees.

The sparkling of these objects will definitely scare away the birds from coming down to damage your blueberries. Birds are naturally scared about reflection. 

Hot Pepper

You can as well sprinkle hot pepper water around the blueberries trees to prevent birds from consuming it. The sprinkling of the blueberries pepper begins when they start to rippe.

Though this is quite difficult, because it requires you to sprinkle it morning and evening. You need to do it morning and evening before you can effectively drive birds out your blueberries.

Another disadvantage of this is that it makes it hard when you want to eat the blueberries.

Though it is still consumable anyway.


Birds eat blueberries, especially when the blueberries aren’t covered or protected against birds.

Blueberries are one of the most favorite fruits that birds like much. To prevent them from destroying your blueberries you need to follow some of the ways shared in this article. 

However, you can feed your birds with blueberries because it gives them energy and helps to develop strength.