Dynatrap Vs. Thermacell

So, Dynatrap and Thermacell are two effective trap devices you can use to control flying insects both outdoor and indoor.

These traps are designed to last longer and keep biting flying insects out of your outdoors. 

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When you have either Dynatrap or Thermacell in your outdoors, you don’t bother yourself about the continuous disturbance of flying insects outdoors.

They both have similar features but different in operation. As a result most people want to know the one that is more effective among Dynatrap and Thermacell traps.

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If you’re among the group, relax for you’re in the right place to discover the best among Dynatrap and Thermacell.

In this article, you’ll have a comprehensive review of Dynatrap Vs. Thermacell, that’ll guide your purchasing decision.

Dynatrap Vs. Thermacell — Lightweight

The weight of any insect trap is very important. Everyone needs a portable and lightweight trap to kill any biting insects outdoors.

The dimensional size of Dynatrap is L13.8 x 11.1B x 11.2W all in inches. The weight is 4.5 pound.

The dimensional size of Thermacell insect traps is L3.25 x 3.25B x 9.1W in inches. Its weight is 9.6 ounces.

From the statistics above, Dynatrap is more lightweight than the Thermacell. 

If lightweight is among the reasons why you want to buy insect traps, then consider buying Dynatrap. 

The Dynatrap products are more portable and lightweight compared to Thermacell traps. 

Dynatrap is more convenient and take-up less space when embarking on camping or other outdoors activities than Thermacell traps. 

Dynatrap Vs. Thermacell — Power Efficient

Irrespective of whether you want to get rid of mosquitoes and other biting insects from your backyard, you need a device that’s power efficient.

Dynatrap and Thermacell, which one is more power efficient? The amount of voltage required to power each of these traps are different.

The Dynatrap needs 110v to power and work effectively, while Thermacell requires 120v to power and work to its maximum capacity.

The Dynatrap is more power-cost effective than Thermacell repellent. You will definitely pay less power bill when you use a Dynatrap device to kill biting insects than the Thermacell.

Dynatrap Vs. Thermacell —  Easy To Operate

Thermacell insect killer has a switch on the front to turn it on and off. It also comes with a button to start the heat source.

Thermacell trap is simple to operate and doesn’t require any manual training before you use it.

Once you plug it into an electricity outlet, use the switch to turn it on and a button close to the switch to turn on the heat. 

Once the LED light bulb brings out bright light, it will draw the flying insect and go inside the trap, while the heat will suffocate the flying insect to death.

The Dynatrap has one switch that controls both LED UV light bulb and heat. Once the switch is turned on the light comes with the heat. 

The operation of Dynatrap trap is very simple, compared to other devices out there in the market.

Dynatrap Vs. Thermacell —  Space Coverage

Another factor you need to consider before you decide to purchase either Dynatrap or Thermacell is the area of coverage.

The bigger the area of coverage the better is the trap to keep mosquitoes off from your backyard. Also, this will determine the number of traps you will use in your backyard. 

The Dynatrap trap device has an extended coverage up to 1 acre. While Thermacell trap has the capacity to deliver up to 1/2 acre of coverage.

The trap size is what determines the coverage. The bigger the size the bigger the coverage.

However, Dynatrap has wider coverage compared to most of the Thermacell trap sizes out there in the market.

Dynatrap Vs. Thermacell — Indoors

The Dynatrap is designed to be used for both outdoor and indoors. It was built to work under any weather conditions outdoors, especially when it was placed under waterproof shade.

On the indoor, it has the capacity to kill mosquitoes while you still enjoy the interior because it’s odorless.

Thermacell traps are designed for only outdoors. You can’t use it indoors.

If you need mosquito killer traps for indoor uses, then consider Dynatrap. It has the capacity to work both indoor and outside.

Dynatrap Vs. Thermacell — Chemical

Both Dynatrap and Thermacell traps don’t use chemicals or pesticides; they require no attractant or propane before they can kill mosquitoes.

They both use LED light bulbs to attract flying insects and suffocate them. Once the light is turned on, flying insects will automatically fly towards the light.

The absence of no chemicals or pesticide makes it suitable to be used at the patio or any other location at the outside.

These are ideal traps for fishermen, campers, hunters, boaters and lovers of the outdoors. 

Especially for those who don’t want the nuisance of mosquitoes; no chemical or persticide and open flame provides peace of mind.

The absence of chemical and pesticide makes Dynatrap suitable to be used indoors.

Dynatrap Vs. Thermacell — Satisfaction 

Dynatrap and Thermacell provide 100% Satisfaction to their customers. They both offer support and warranty with complete satisfaction.

Thermacell trap has a full one year warranty and resourceful customercare staff, which are always there to help you out on any challenges.

Dynatrap offers an inclusive maximum satisfaction one year warranty to their customers with 3-way protections to your outdoors.

The 3-way protections are: twist, on and off, and ½ acre coverage. When you buy Dynatrap you enjoy these 3-way protections.

Dynatrap and Thermacell will make you enjoy the outdoors party, relaxation, etc. with a Deet-free, scent-free mosquito free that has no chemical-to-skin contact; no unwanted smells or stickiness and no mess of sprays.

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Thermacell and dynatrap are two traps you can effectively use to control flying insects outdoors and indoors.

They are built to last long irrespective of the outdoor weather conditions you may subject them to anytime. enjoy your outdoor party with free biting flying insect.