Flowtron Vs Stinger Bug Zapper

Are you looking for the best bug zapper between Flowtron and Stinger bug zapper?

You’re in the right place. I want to share with you my handy experiences with Flowtron zapper bug — while the Stinger bug that you’re about read is from the handy experience from my friend John.

The Flowtron and Stinger Bug zappers are designed to rid your outdoor living areas of flying insect pests – without causing any harm and also cause any health conditions.

When you use either Flowtron bug zapper or Stinger bug zapper to kill insects, the insects remain uncontaminated by pesticides — fall to the ground to be naturally reabsorbed into the ecosystem. 

So what is really the difference between the Flowtron and Stinger bug zapper? 

In this article, I want to show you the difference between Flowtron and Stinger bug zapper that’ll guide you to make better buying decisions.

Flowtron Vs Stinger Bug Zapper  — Durability 

How long Flowtron and Stinger bug Zapper last is solely depends on the material used in production. 

If the materials used to built to bug zappers are not durable and it can’t withstand weather conditions, then such zapper doesn’t last long.

also, bug zapper is said to be durable when it has the capacity to withstand and regulate high voltage to perform optimally.

Stinger bug zapper trap is produced from durable weather-proof plastic that makes it to withstand any weather conditions you may subject it to.

The material makes it possible for it to clog-free with grid designs that make it perfect to be used anywhere outdoors, which will give you access to electricity supply.

The Stinger bug zapper’s trap is constructed with a nylon hanging cord. The nylon cord makes it easy to be hung on the patio or anywhere in your backyard.

The nylon cord is rust-free and anti-weather conditions that make your bug zapper last longer than you expected.

Flowtron bug zapper is produced with a durable waterproof polycarbonate material that prevents it from fading, cracking, rusting, and peeling off when it is exposed to weather conditions.

The Flowtron production material makes it to last long and withstand the continuous weather conditions that are being exposed to on a daily basis.

The flowtron bug zapper trap is produced with high-quality materials that make it sturdy and durable.

The both bug zappers has maintenance free operation feature UV light and an electrified grid that eliminates thousands of flying pests for just few a day. 

Flowtron Vs Stinger Bug Zapper — Safety

No one wants to invest money in any product that’s not safety guaranteed. Safety is the most important factor you consider when buying any trap that is powered by electricity. 

Flowtron bug zapper is safety guaranteed because it is built with an insulated material called polycarbonate that prevents it from electrocuting either kids or pets when they come in contact with it.

Not just that, the Flowtron bug zapper has a small opening on the exterior that is built with polycarbonate does not allow the passing of kids’ fingers or pets can’t pass through.

Though the opening of the Flowtron bug zapper is big enough to accommodate bugs. But you can hang the lantern higher so that it’s out of reach by children.

The Flontrow bug zapper does not cause any electric surge even when  there is high-voltage — because it is built with high voltage transformers that help to regulate the current.

Then, when you place it when it can be reached by children you’re not scared because it can’t zapper their hands.

Stinger bug zapper is safely designed with an enclosure that prevents children’s hands and pets from getting in.

The electric grids of Stinger bug zapper are covered with plastic materials that have insulation. 

The Singer insect trap has a small opening that fingers can’t pass through into the electric grids.

The only disadvantage with Stinger bug zapper is that when the plastic that covers the electric grid breaks, it will automatically become dangerous to health. 

The Stinger bug zapper should be kept away from children and pets’ reach. 

Flowtron Vs Stinger Bug Zapper — NOsquito 

The Stinger bug zapper has additional features of Nosquito Octenol that help the trap to lure and boost mosquito attraction.

The Stinger bug zapper contains 5x more NOsquito Octenol, which makes it more mosquito attractant than Flowtron bugs zapper.

The Flowtron bug zapper is built with NOsquito Octenol that is used to lure and boost mosquito attraction.

Flowtron bug zapper Octenol comes with a free 30-day trial, while Stinger trap doesn’t have any free day trial.

Flowtron Vs Stinger Bug Zapper — Clog

Flowtron and Stinger bug zappers are both designed to be non-clogging free grids. The grids of both bug zappers don’t experience anything clogged. 

Flowtron Vs Stinger Bug Zapper — Indoor And Outdoor

The Flowtron and Stinger bug zappers are specially designed for outdoor uses.

Most people want to know if they can use it indoors because of its odorlessness. These bug zappers are harmless to human health doesn’t mean they can be used indoors.

The Stinger bugs zapper are specially designed to be used outdoors. Using it indoors will not make it perform excellently well.

The Flowtron bug zapper is built for both indoor and outdoor uses. It has the capacity to function and perform very well for both indoor and outdoor.

Flowtron Vs Stinger Bug Zapper — Sensor

The stinger bug zapper is designed with a sundown sensor option for energy efficient operation. 

The sundown sensor of Stinger bug zapper is used for the automatic turns ON at dusk and OFF at dawn.

The sundown sensor is not present in most of the bug zapper out there in the market, especially the Flowtron bug zapper.

Since the Flowtron bug zapper doesn’t have sundown sensory features require you to turn it on and off. 

It does not work with the sun. whether there is sun or not you need to manually operate it by turning it on and off.

Flowtron Vs Stinger Bug Zapper — General Comparison 

Flowtron and Stinger bug zappers use rechargeable batteries.

Stinger Insect Zapper uses lithium-ion batteries with a run time of 3.5 hours when it is fully charged.

The Stinger bug zapper requires 5,500 voltage to power it. Though when it is powered you aren’t worried about electricity.

It’s not the highest run time, but rechargeable batteries ensure you can use the zapper even in places where electricity isn’t available.

Again, the batteries mean you’re not in any way restricted to where you can place the zapper as it doesn’t require cable.


Here you have the review of both Flowtron and Stinger bug zapper that will guide your buying decision.

Based on the material used to produce Flowtron bug zapper makes it more durable and portable. So, if you need a helping hand you can go for Flowtron bug zapper.