Does a Heavier Person Go Down The Slide faster? (Find Out)

If you’re wondering between the heavier person and the lighter person who goes down the slide faster, you’ll learn that in this article.

Most people hold the opinion that heavier people go down faster than the lighter people. They hold up to it because they lack the knowledge of aerodynamics and gravity.

According to Borut Fonda, a researcher at the university of Birmingham, say when a feather and stone fall at the same rate in a vacuum, where there is no aerodynamics to exert force, both feather and stone will fall at the same.

Also according to Tom Compton, says in a vacuum feather will fall at the same time rate as the stone.

Heavier people will go down the same slide with a thinner person when they both fall in a vacuum. In absence of vacuum the heavier person will go down the slide faster than the thinner person because of the presence of air.

Air and vacuum are the two major factors that determine which one will be faster than the others, when they both fall out from freespace.

In this guide, we’ll show how vacuum and air does influence a heavier and thinner body that goes down the slide faster. Let’s dive in.

How Does Air Affect Heavier People Go Down The Slide Faster?

When a heavier body is released from up to down, gravity exert force on the object. The force is to pull the object down. Heavier objects are pulled down more by gravity than the lighter object.

However, the air works against the force of gravity. Air exert more force on a lighter object than the lighter object.

The force exerted on a feather is higher than the force it will exert on a stone. The force of the air pulls the object upward, and makes it slide slowly.

The force air exert on a lighter body is higher than the force it exert on the lower body when the objects are simultaneously released.

Gravity and air works in opposite directions. For heavier people gravity exert more force compared to lighter people.

Gravity is the force that pulls objects towards each other. The law of gravity is what keeps you on the ground. They pull a similar weight of object to each other.

The lighter person will experience little gravity when it’s released from up to down. With the presence of air and gravity, a heavier person will go down the slide faster than the lighter person.

How Does Friction Affect Heavier Go Down Slide Faster?

Friction is the force that works against motion of a sliding object.

Friction is the electromagnetic attraction between the charged particles of two touching surfaces. Whenever an object comes in contact with each other there is friction taking place.

The level of friction between two objects that come together depends on the surface. The rough surface exerts more friction on an object than the smooth one.

The heavier body moves faster and has higher friction than the smaller body. So, the heavier will go down the slide faster than the lighter body. 

Does Gravity Affect Heavier Person Go Down The Slider Faster?

Gravity is not the cause of heavier people to go down the slide faster. The cause of the motion is the friction. Friction is what determines how fast the body will move.

Friction is what make the heavier or lighter body either go down slide fast or slow. Another factor that determines how fast it moves is the surface of the object at which it moves on.

If the object surface is smooth, the friction will have high impact on the motion, while on the rough surface it will have low impact on the object.

The higher the friction the lower the body will go down the slide, while the lower the friction, the higher the body will go down the slide. Friction is the determinant factor of how it goes down the lane.


In the vacuum, where there is no air, gravity, and friction the heavier person and the lighter person goes down the slide at the same acceleration.

With the presence of air, friction and gravity the heavier people go down the slide faster than the lighter the body.