How Much Does it Cost to Fence in a Small Yard?

In this article, you will learn everything about fencing your small yard at an affordable rate. And the different types of fence and their cost.

The average cost to fence a small yard ranges from $1000 to $3000.

Fences help you to protect your compound from unauthorized entry into your yard. You can actually fence your yard without taking a mortgage. 

However, the cost of a fence is not what actually determines how strong it is or the security it will provide.

The materials used in constructing fences is what determines how strong and how long it will last. The cost to fence a small yard depends on the following factors: 

  • Length of the fence
  • Types of materials 
  • Cost of labor

There’s no fixed price when it comes to fence a small backyard. The cost is different based on the location and the size of the yard.

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The Cost of Fence Materials

Most times, the cost of constructing a fence varies from one yard to another. There’s no constant cost for fencing a compound.

Though the variation in the cost is mainly in the materials used. Because you might decide not to employ any labor and do it by yourself . 

The first thing, it’s to choose the type of material you want to use for your yard fence.

You need to decide whether to fence your yard with fairly used material or new one. 

Fairly used materials are not expensive compared to the new one. You can get fairly used materials at any local store in your area.

The average price for some new materials ranges from $12 to $80 per square foot. 

The table below shows the cost of new materials. this will guide your decision in buying fence materials for your yard.

Materials Min Price ($)Max Price ($)
Chain link $1,100 $2,800
Wrought iron (about)$1,000$2,500
Steel $10 per eight-foot section$350 per eight-foot section
Wire $1 to $3 per linear foot$1 to $3 per linear foot

The table above shows the price of each material. Materials are the determining factors of how much a yard will cost.

After you have chosen your fence materials, another important decision to make is the height of the fence. 

The higher the fence, the higher the cost. If the fence is low definitely the cost of constructing the fence will be low as well.

Types Of Fence

We have different types of fence. This is based on the materials used in constructing the fences. 

The knowledge of these types of fence and their cost will help you to minimize the cost of constructing your fence.

In this article we shall take a study on different types of fence. Let drive into the types of fence.

Electric Fence

The per linear foot for an electric fence cost between $1 to $6. 

Electric fences are quite durable and less expensive to install. The cost of installation depends on the size of your yard — and the store you’re getting your materials from.

Likewise, it is inexpensive to maintain an electric fence. The major repair you have to do after installation, is to ensure constant flow of the electricity.

Here are the major things you require for installation of an electric fence:

  • A transmitter
  • Receiver 
  • Wire Strands Strung
  • Wooden Poles

An electric fence is used to prevent uninvited being into your compound. This serves as the highest security type of fence.

People normally use an electric fence for maximum security. It has a low cost of installation and is simple to install.

Though it’s simple to install doesn’t mean you can’t contact those who are expert in the installation.

If you are not knowledgeable about electricity don’t go ahead to install it, instead call for those who specialize on it.

Electric fences have high voltage pass through it. Any breach in the wire cause the voltage to stop.

Chain Link Fence

The cost of per linear foot installation of chain link fence is $10 to $20. Most people use chain links when you want to view outside from your yard.

Chain link has low cost of installation and you can do it by yourself. You don’t necessarily require labor to do. 

The way to build a chain link fence is to take the  thick steel wire and bent it. Thereafter, you hook it together and fix it on the standing poles.

The inbetween space of the wire is 2 or 3 inches. The space is for privacy and control of what comes in and goes out. 

The chain link fence is used to protect pets and keep intruders out. Irrespective of your budget you can afford this type of fence.

You can paint chain link with oil paint of any color of your choice — to beautify the fence. This helps you to improve on the appearance and add values to your compound.

Picket Fence 

The cost of installing a picket fence is $5 to $10 per linear foot.

This is one of the affordable fence ideas to beautify your house. Picket fences are also used to create privacy in your yard — add value to your compound.

When building a picket fence, you can keep 3 inches in between space. Arrange the picket in vertical line and glue them on the horizontal one.

The horizontal pickets are two, one at the top and the other one at the bottom.

The space inbetween the vertical pickets is 3 inches. This will bring out the beauty in it. Take a look at the picket fence at the above picture.

Split Rail Fence 

The per linear cost of a split rail fence ranges between $10 to $20. They are affordable and easy to install.

This is a traditional way to fence farms. It is mainly used for ranches to corral animals. It is also used for property boundaries.

The materials for constructing this fence are; timber logs or chestnut or cedar that are in split-rail. 

You don’t need to hire any to construct a split rail fence in your small yard. You can do it by yourself.

What is the height of a Fence?

The height of a fence solely depends on the purpose. A security fence will be higher than thel be higher than a fence for beauty.

Likewise, the fence for privacy or aesthetics will not be as high compared to the one for security purposes as well. 

The height of a fence is part of what increases the cost of installation. If you want to reduce the cost of your fence consider reduction of the height as well.

The considerable height for a privacy fence is 6ft tall, while other fence height could be lower than this. Though it depends on the owner.

A fence that is 6ft high will be more expensive than the one that is just a few feet high. Don’t let it be too high if your concern is about the cost.

How to Save Money on Fence Installation

Every one bill save on any project count. The same apply when fencing your yard. You must not necessarily spend a lot of money before you fence your yard.

Your budget toward the project isn’t what matters but how you’re able to maximise what is available to achieve your desire count more.

One of the easiest ways to save cash when fence your yard is by self installation. When you choose to install it by yourself, the only expenses left is the cost of materials.

You don’t need to be an expert in fence installation before you do it by yourself. Self installation helps you to save money.

There are fences that are simple and easy to install. You can use those to fence your small yard.

Get The Most Bang For Your Buck

What most people don’t know is that it is more costly to repair a fence than to construct a new one.  Renovating an old fence sometimes takes more time, and more money than constructing a new one.

Ideally, protecting and maintaining your fence helps you to save money. Especially when you have a wooden fence.

One of the ways to get this done is to cover it with weather-resistant stain. This prevents water and other elements from destroying the wood. 

Another way to keep your fence from being destroyed by weather is to always re-strain it annually and repair it as well.

Often treating your wooden fence by regular termite treatment will also save you some money. Get a fence wooden spray to keep the wood in a good wooden condition.

You can also pressure-wash your fence annually to remove any potential harmful mold that could damage the fence.

The Importance of Fence 

Fences serve different purposes in our yard. To most people a fence is used as a boundary wall that shows the land demarcation.

Some people use fences to beautify their yard. It is also used for protection. The importance of a fence in a yard can’t be under-emphasis. 

There are various benefits why you should fence your yard. Let’s take a look at these benefits.

For Privacy

Fence is used for privacy. It allows you to have freedom in your yard and keep uninvited visitors out of your yard.

It also helps to keep your little kids in your compound without having to enter a close neighbour’s yard.

Fence gives the avenue to make use of the backyard the way you want it. It enables you to safeguard your garden.

Fences provide you with maximum security. It helps you to be in charge of your yard. Fences help you to stop unfortunate incidents from occurrence in your indoor and outdoor space.

For Security

One of the first security you give to your house is a fence. When there is no fence any body and animal can enter your yard at their wish and time.

This is one of the major reasons why you need a fence in your yard, it’s for security purposes. You may not want to live in a house where there is no fence.

Especially when you’re in an area that is prone to crime. Fence is very important because it is used to safeguard your property.

Fence is also important when you live in an area where there is proximity to a wildlife reserve, because it will help to prevent wild animals from gaining access into your compound.

Securing your outdoor and indoor property is very important, that is why you need to build fences around your yard.

Fence Is Use to Marked Land boundary

Fences help you to have a clear demarcation of your land from your neighbours. Fencing your land property is very important.

Another important reason for fence is to prevent encroachment, it helps you to know the remaining space in your yard. This will help you make a proper plan on how you will use the remaining yard space.

So, if you don’t need land encroachment, fence your yard to give it a maximum security over any intruder.


Fences in your yard provide you so many benefits. It helps you to safeguard your property.

To fence a  small yard is very affordable. You don’t need to overspend before you can get your yard fence.

The first thing you do when you want to fence a yard, it’ s to choose the types of materials you want to use. 

This will help you to know the cost. Most of the time the labor is carried out by the house owner.

Another aspect is the purpose of the fence determines the types of fence you will build. All this information will guide your expenses when constructing a fence.