How to Get Rid of Circling Flies on Patio

There are several effective ways to get rid of circling flies on the patio. 

If you’re like most people, you want easy-to-use tricks that will permanently eliminate all those stubborn flies. This article was written with you in mind to answer your questions.

My favorite way of repelling circling flies on the patio is by filling my cup with water and dropping a few pennies.

As simple and funny as that might sound, it actually works. And I’ll show you exactly how to go about it.

Now, let’s dive into the simple steps involved in using a glass with water and pennies. It’s a fun process, so come with me.

How to Get Rid of Circling Flies on The Patio.

Remember, I said there are several ways to get rid of circling flies, but let’s begin with my favorite way.

The maximum life span of flies is one month. Though female flies can lay eggs that can produce over 200 flies at once.

Flies don’t withstand any simple treat. So, any simple method you apply puts them on their run. 

Research has it that, there are certain odors flies don’t withstand. When you spray some insecticide flies take off from that environment.

However, you can get rid of circling flies in your patio by following these simple but effective ways we are about to study.

Here are 3 steps on how to get rid of circling flies on the patio.

In these 3 ways let us begin with my favorite way of riding off flies in my patio.

Step 1: 

Get a transparent glass cup. Not any other color of cup, transparent one.

Use 3 to 5 cups. Though it depends on the size of your patio or the center table you have in your patio. 

Because what keeps the flies off the potio is the reflection from the transparent glass cup.

The transparent glass cup will magnify the pennies and reflect out an image that scares the flies away.

Step 2:

Fill the transparent glass cups with water. Let the water get to the middle of the transparents glass cups.

The cup should be half-fill with water to allow maximum reflection. What repels flies is the reflection from the transparent glass cup.

Step 3:

Drop 2 to 5 pennies inside the transparent glass cups. The color of the pennies is what the glass cup magnifies.

The flies see the pennies inside the transparent glass cup as a big image. The transparent cup will magnify the pennies to repel the flies 

The reflection image of the pennies scare the fries alway.

This has been working for me. I use this method to keep off flies away from my patio.

Though it sounds funny, give it a try and see the result.

Other Ways to Get Rid of Circling Flies on The Patio

My favorite sounds too simple to you right. Though it works for me. It will also work for you.

Though, here’re other ways you can get rid of your circling flies.

Some of my friends have tried this other 3 ways and it worked for them. The 3 ways are what I’m about to share with you. It will also work for you when you apply any of them.

The persistence disturbance of circling flies can be annoying, so getting rid of them isn’t negotiable.

Here are some other ways to get rid of circling flies. 

  • Bug zapper
  • Use Citronella
  • Pesticides

Bug Zapper:

This method has worked for my friends very well. They used to keep flies away from their patio.

Every time I visit, I always see Bug zapper lights hanging on their patio. One day I have to ask what is the essence of the light? That’s when I was told it’s used to get rid of circling flies around the patio.

They usually hang it around the entrance of the patio. The light beautifies the patio. If you don’t know you might  think it’s for beauty.

Basically bug zapper lights at the patio serve two purposes. To repel fries around the patio, also beautify the environment.

How does bug zapper light get rid of flies at the patio?

Get a bug zapper light and switch it on. The on bug zapper light put it at the entrance of the patio. 

You get 2 – 4 bug zapper lights and hang them at the edges of the patio. Put them on. 

Naturally, light attracts flies. Once the bug zapper light is on, flies will fly close to the light, trying to see what is shining.

As soon as they get to the light it electrocutes them. The has a strong wave that once flies get close to it, magnet the flies.

Instead of the circling flies disturbes those around the patio they rather go to the light. Immediately they get close to the light they all die.

Bug zapper has an electric wave that electrocutes flies whenever they get to the lights. This method has been working for my friend, you may try it and it will work for you.

Use of Citronella

This is another way to repel flies from your patio. Flies are allergic to the pleasant aromance that comes from the citronella oil.

How does this work?

Get candles that have citronella oil and place it on the table on your patio or at the entrance.

You can also place those candles at the edges of your patio. Light the candles.

The pleasant aromance that comes from the candles repels circling flies.

It has been proof that flies don’t like those aromance that come from those candles.

If you can’t get a candle that has citronellas candles, then buy citronella oil and pour it on the candles. This way the candles will have citronella oil that will repel the flies.

The romance from the citronellas doesn’t have any health problems when it is inhaled by human beings.

citrollena is good for health. Some people think it has any effect on health.


Pesticides is another way to get rid of circling flies at the patio. Flies don’t like the odor that comes from pesticides.

When you spray pesticides, flies keep off from that environment till the odor stops. Once the odor from the pesticide stops, flies will come back again.

Pesticides work for some time and stop. It doesn’t keep flies permanently. 

Pesticides are more effective in an enclosed area. It’s not that effective at the patio.

Beside that, when you spray pesticides, you can’t stay in that environment

 at that moment. You have to wait for a few seconds before you can make use of that area.

The causes of Circling flies in The patio

Most times, flies don’t just come to an area but usually invite by smell.

One of the causes of circling flies is rotten fruits. When you eat fruit at your patio ensure it cleans before the next day.

Once the fruit gets rotten, they will automatically invite flies. Flies clog around rotten fruit more than any other things.

Also, dirty dishes cause flies on the patio. Remove dirty dishes from your patio whenever you finish taking your dinner, lauch, and breakfast.

With this you will keep your patio free from circling flies.

Cans drinks also invite flies. Flies perch on the cans and lay eggs to hash. When you finish taking your can drink, remove them from the patio and bag the cans into the waste-bin.

In general, keeping your patio clean and tidy is the best way to get rid of circling flies around your patio.

What brings flies to our compound is waste. When you don’t bag your house waste properly it invites flies. Odor that comes from the waste causes flies into the compound.

Overgrown lawn causes flies. Always mow your lawn. Flies don’t hang on a low lawn. 


Getting rid of circling flies at the patio is very important, for you to have a better use of your patio.

These ways listed here are some of the effective ways to get rid of circling flies. This is an easy and effective way to put an end to circling flies disturbance at your patio.

Now that you know how to get rid of circling flies, go ahead to put a stop to those circling flies.

With these methods shared here you will make use of your patio without any circling flies noise and disturbance.

Also this will make you have better use of your patio.