How to Get Rid of Flies For Outside Party

In this article, I want to show you the sure and an effective ways on how to get rid of flies for outside party.

There are several ways to get rid of flies, but to know the most easy and effective way is sometimes an issue to many people.

I’m here to share with you the methods that have worked for me and my friends. Getting rid of flies could be a major challenge because of their resistance disturbance during a party.

It’s an embarrassment to host friends in your house and flies don’t allow them to enjoy themselves.

These are the reasons why this article is written to address the problem of flies outside party.

For you to have a better use of the outside, either for a party or relax and enjoy yourself. 

Here are the sure methods on how to get rid of flies outside parties.

Use Flytrap:

Use flytrap to get rid of fly while you enjoy your outside party with your friends. This method is very simple and effective.

I have this method and it works effectively for me.

Follow these simple ways to construct your flytrap: it’s easy to make. Here are a few things you need to make your flytrap:

  • Two-liter soda bottle
  • Serrated knife
  • Permanent marker
  • Piece of wire to hang your trap (optional)

Let’s get started. First, cut the bottle just exactly the way it is in the picture below.

Turn the top of the bottle upside down, so that it will look like a funnel. This way flies can pass through the funnel into the bottle.

Once you turn upside down the sodal cap, place it inside the sodal bottle to close it just the way it’s in this picture below. This way you have completed your fly trap.

Next, bait your flytrap. Flies like rotten fruits. Bait your flytrap with rotten fruit. Cut the rotten fruit and put it inside the flytrap.

Fly will perceive the odor then come and pass through the funnel to the soda bottle they will not be able to find their way out.

Bait your fly trap with fruit.

Light a Candles

Another way to get rid of flies outside party is by lighting up candles. Not all candles but the one that has citronella scent oil. 

Citronella candles are highly aromatic. This aromance from the oil produces from several types of lemongrass.

How does it repel flies? Light a few of these fragrant candles and position them on a different side of your outside. 

The aromance from the candles repel flies as they can’t withstand the scent that comes from the light-up candles.

This repel flies as the aromance of the strong scent that comes from the lighted candle.

Flies can’t stand the aromance from the cintollena candle. This makes them to be on the run whenever they perceive the smell from the candles.

Position these candles in strategic places outside where the party is ongoing or where the party is about to take palace.

Keep Your Yard Clean

Alway keep your outside clean of trash or leftover food — this will also get rid of flies outdoors. 

Flies don’t get close to the clean environment. Once your outdoors is clean and well kept flies run away naturally from the environment.

Flies get attracted to any strong smell that comes from those rotten leftover food in your dustbin. 

To keep fries from your outside compound is to package your trash very well.

Keep your outside clean and pick up dog fences because these cause flies on the outside.

Before you empty the dog fleece into trash, ensure you bag it, hence it will invite flies so long it can still smell outside.

Garbage can drink should be kept tightly closed. Empty drinks can invite flies. But when they are well kept and bagged, then flies stop coming to your home.

Flies are mainly attracted to horrible smell or strong smell. So but when you keep your trash can well, flies will not come to outside party.

Keep Your Lawn Low Often

Most of the areas  that fly like most at the outside is tall grasses and piles of brush. If you don’t want flies in your house always cut your grass, when you’re done with mawn pack it properly.

Flies hangover lawns that are overgrown in the compound. This will naturally attract flies into the compound. 

Interval mawn of your lawns in your compound keeps flies aways from your outdoor party.

Make Use of an Electric Fan

Flies can’t withstand strong bleeze, therefore, plug in a fan at the area of your outdoor to repel flies.

This can be done before or during the party. As the fan is blowing bleeze, flies will automatically run away from the environment. 

Use an extension cord to connect light from your house or any circuit that has light to the oscillating fan. Once the flies fly close to the bleezen, they naturally are on their heel.

Use a Carnivorous Plants 

One of the natural ways to repel flies in your outdoor party is by planting carnivorous plants.

This will help you repel flies that come round your compound. As they grow, the scent that comes from the plant repels flies.

You may be asking “if they have any effect on humans?” they don’t have any effect on human beings. 

Make Use of Electric Fly Swatter 

Fly Swatter is another way to keep flies away from your outdoor party. This functions like a magnet that attracts flies and magnetizes them as easily as possible.

An electric Fly swatter will help you to keep the fly away from the outdoors and without littre the flies outdoors.

Get an electric fly swatter to keep flies aways from your outdoors and enjoy your party. This gadget will help you not to miss any flies at your outdoors.

Fumigate Your Outdoor 

Fumigation will also repel flies at your outdoors party. Get the outside fumigate with some insecticide to keep the flies out.

This method can keep flies out of the outdoors for months. Contact certified fumigation to know the exact pest control use will be used. 


Use any of the methods listed here to repel flies outside the party. These methods are effective and get rid of flies.

Flies are uninvited guests that keep your friends outside the door restless. So it’s important you keep them away from the outdoors.

Using any of the methods stated here will keep your outdoors free from flies that will make your guest enjoy the cool breeze from the outdoors.