How Do You Build a Shaded Garden Structure?

A shaded garden structure in the backyard prevents intensive sun from destroying the plants.

This is mostly recommended when you’re in an area where the summer sunlight is intensive.

Many people ask the same question on how to build a shaded garden structure over their plants.

They’re asking because they want to protect their plants from the effects of sunlight.

Here’s how to build a shaded garden structure:

Measure the lengths and breaths of the place where your plants are to know how big the structure is.

Then proceed to frame the place by hammering four poles of iron or wood (depends on the size of your garden) at the four edges of where your plant is.

Attach a crossbar between the two rear and tight the cross bar with a cord or nail it or anything that can hold it firm from being destroyed by wind.

After the frame construction, use a woven cloth or knitted cloth to cover the shade skeleton to protect the plant from direct sun affecting.

Here are 5 steps on how to build a shaded garden structure in your backyard.

  • Step 1: plan out the place
  • Step 2: frame the structure
  • Step 3: what type of plant do you have in your garden
  • Step 4: cloth the shade with the right material
  • Step 5: create space for ventilation 

Building a Garden Structure (Facts to Know About Plants)

The species of your plant is what determines the types of cloth (knitted and woven cloth) you will use to cover your garden structure.

Most plants in the garden require an average of 5 to 6 hours of direct sunlight to ripe properly or produce very well.

Sometimes, the intensity of sunlight is too much for plants and affects their growth properly.

There is an increase of sunlight during summer drought when there is not enough water in the ground because of shortage of rainfall.

Also some plants or crops can’t grow under the temperature of 100℉. Shaded areas help to reduce the temperature from 100℉ to 10℉ — this helps the plants to grow very well.

Therefore sun shade reduces the amount of sunlight’s intensity that goes directly to the plants.

So, this call for shaded garden structure when you want your plant to grow very well.

Step 1: Plan Out The Structure

The first thing you do when you want to build a shaded garden structure, is to plan out the structure. What type of structure do you want to build in your garden?

What types of materials do you want to use? These are the few questions you need to answer before constructing your shade.

Measuring out the area to determine the size of the structure you want to build is part of the planning. 

Step 2: Frame The Structure

The next thing is to construct the frame after measuring out the size of the place. The frame is very important because it’s what the shade cloth will rest on.

Your frame has to be very strong to be able to withstand winds.

To build the frame, simply, hammer a stake or pvc pipe on the ground at each edge of the plant bed.

The next thing is to attach a stake or bamboo crossbar in between the two real sides of the plants. Repeat the same thing with another stake or crossbar.

At this point, you’re done with the frame. The skeleton of the frame is what you have now. The next thing is cloth it with a shaded cloth. 

Step 3: What Type of Plant do You Have in Your Garden

You need to know the species of your plant. This will determine the type of shade garden structure you will build. 

There are plants that require minimum heat to survive while there are others who don’t require any heat at all.

Step 4: Cover The Shade With The Right Material

Garden shades aren’t just clothed with any materials of your choice because it’s the material that will control the amount of sunlight the plant will receive.

Mainly, there are two types of shade cloth that is highly recommended to create shade for plants.

The two types of clothes you can use are:

  • Woven
  • Knitten

These cloth above perform different functions, that is why you need to know the species of your plants which you are cultivating.

So, choosing the right cloth is very important when you value your plant.  This will make your plant effective and productive.

After you have chosen your cloth materials (e.g., woven or knitted), then take the measurement of your flame to know the exact size of the cloth you will use.

Once you’re done with the measure cover the frame with the cloth to create shade. Use cord to tighty the cloth for it not fly off.

Step 5: Create Space For Ventilation

Whatever shade you’re building you need to create space for ventilation. Ventilation will enable the plant to grow fast and be in good condition.

Let your shade be a bit up from the ground floor, this will allow ventilation to take place.

The Pros of Shaded Garden Structure

Shaded garden structure  improves the plant productivity.

Sometimes, it’s not just the plants, but also reduces your work in terms of continuous watering of the plants. 

Most times, when there is an increase in temperature, evaporation takes place, which is called photosynthesis. This calls for often watering of your plants. 

Shaded garden structure absorbs moisture, which makes the plants under the shade cloth look healthy and brighter than those plants not under the shade cloth.

Here are some of the benefits of constructing shade cloth in your backyard for proper plant’s growth.

  • Shade cloth allows morning sun to provide plenty of energy through photosynthesis without the excessive heat stress from prolonged all-day sun exposure
  • Shade cloth provides shade for plants, which reduces the amount of moisture loss through transpiration (evaporation of water from plant leaves).
  • Shade cloth makes areas that have temperature of 100℉ to become 10℉ cooler therefore plants that find it difficult to glow around temperature of 100℉ can then glow faster.
  • Shade cloth has the capacity to reduce the amount of radiation that reaches the plants directly. 
  • Plants that are under shade cloth enjoy reflection of solar radiation.


Building a shaded garden structure to protect your plant from the intensive heat of sunlight is very important.

Most plants don’t do well under the intense heat of the sunlight. So to make your plant effective you have to create shade.

Plants under shade are more effective than plants receiving the heat of the sunlight directly. 

Use Shaded garden structure today to improve the growth of your plants and for more productivity.