Inexpensive Desert Landscape Ideas (20 Examples And Pictures)

You don’t have to break your bank account before you make your backyard look beautiful and eyes catching. 

There are so many inexpensive desert landscape ideas you can use to make your yard look classic. 

These ideas are cost friendly, affordable and easy to maintain. Most especially, you can landscape your yard by yourself without hiring labor. 

In this article, you will see different inexpensive desert landscape ideas you can apply to revamp your yard. 

Creativity has made it possible for you to have the modern, and beautiful yard, which you normally see in the million dollar contemporary gardens in most of the reputable magazines. 

Landscape your yard to add value doesn’t cost a lot. You can use fairly used materials to bring these wonderful designs into your backyard.

Let’s dive into inexpensive desert landscape ideas, which you can also use to transform your backyard. 

1. Take an Advantage of Tapestry And White Gravel

Tapestry and white gravel is beautiful combination that transform outer space in a beautiful manner and make it more appealing to the eyes.

Combining tapestry and white gravel with ornament plants will make your yard look glorious and more conducive for uses.

Desert landscape is based on how well you’re able to combine the materials, to bring out the beauty of your yard.

Take a look at the picture above and get an idea to landscape your backyard.

2. Make Use of Green Plants to Landscape Your Yard

Use different plants to transform your yard into desert look. this materials will make outdoor space to be more conducive for people to have fun.

Desert doesn’t require much water, therefore these plants don’t need much water before they blossom. 

Make use of these plants today to make your backyard have a desert look, which appeal to eye.

3. Rocks And Gravel — Landscape Your Outer Space


Are you ready to landscape your yard but your concern is how to settle the bill? Don’t worry not all desert landscapes require a huge amount of money before you can get it done.

This desert landscape idea in this picture below is a good example to make your backyard look beautiful.

These are amazing idea to make your abandoned area in your backyard look beautiful and attractive.

4. Use Decorative Pots And Rocks to Landscape Your Yard


Most people see decorative pots as not important materials that can you bring admiration into their yard.

Decorative pots and rocks are inexpensive landscape ideas, that is a super cute way to revamp your desert backyard into a living and enjoyable place. 

These planters are sturdy, adorable and incredible idea, which you can rely on to refurbish that area in your yard that is not habitable by humans to become living area. 

A good combination of flowers and rocks will make your yard look beautiful, just like the picture above.

5. Landscape Your Yard With Edible Plants


Revamping your desert outdoors is very important. Especially when you want to landscape your yard to have a desert look.

Using an edible plants to landscape your yard is great and incredible idea.

This isn’t only beautiful but it’s cheap and affordable way of turning your outdoors plants into multiple uses.

Landscape your outer space doesn’t require you to break your bank, but with a creative idea you can transform your outdoor into an an amazing out look.

6. Aloe Vera With Cacti 

Take advantage of crushed stone and Aloe Vera to make your outdoors beautiful. These materials are cheap and with low cost of maintenance.

This is among the easiest desert landscape ideas you can find. it’s affordable and cheap. 

Instead of paying a high price to landscape your compound, why not make use of these materials to transform your outdoors.

This is another way to landscape your yard. Get gravel and plant cactus succulent plants to increase the value.

Aloe Vera with cacti is another method of landscaping that’ll make your outdoors appeal to the eyes in a special way.

7. Landscape With Gravel And plants


Desert landscape in your backyard is all about being creative in a specific way. That’s why you have this idea here to guide you to achieve the best way to landscape your backyard.

8. Meadow

Inexpensive landscape idea

These are some of the flowers you can get in the desert. Landscape your outdoors with these flowers will make you have an excellent view.

9. Creative Landscape 

Irrespective of the space you have in your yard is not a limitation, you can transform it into whatever you desire it to become.

What make yard impressive isn’t how big the yard, but your creative ability to combine these materials.

10. Showy Succulents

Sometimes, desert has elements of dull colors. These are attributes that make you enjoy the free gift of nature of desert.

You can also bring these multiple dull colors in to you yard to make it remarkable.

Landscape your outer space with dull vibrant colors plants that will make you feel the atmosphere of desert in your home.

These type plants are colorful succulents flowers you can found in the desert. Bring this look into your backyard to make it beautiful.

These succulents in this picture have many colors that can revamp your outer space in an attractive way.

Give your yard a definition of beauty with these types of color plants in this picture above.

11. Landscape Your Yard With Perennial Crop

Desert landscape with perennial plants

Perennial plants are beautiful to add value into your backyard. These sets of plants will make your outer space look nice and beautiful.

Combine perennial plants with gravel to make your backyard look beautiful.

These types of plants will make your yard look different because of the many colors. 

The sights you get from perennial plants when you use it to landscape backyard is like that of natural desert.

Perennial plants are not difficult to grow nor is it expensive to maintain. With a little budget you get these plants into your yard.

12. Use Ornamental Grass Landscape Your Yard

Inexpensive desert landscape

Ornament grass with texture will make your garden beautiful. This plant has the capacity to withstand any weather conditions. 

These plants will not have you break your budget before you can landscape your yard. It also have low cost of maintenance.

These grasses help your landscape look excellent and high-design with low cost.

13. Landscape Idea

What you need to make your yard look good is a little bit of creativity. You can learn from these ideas to make your yard look beautiful.

With this idea you can transform your yard into a beautiful idea.

14. Landscape With Part Way

You can revamp your yard into whatever idea you want to have it to be. with two or three plants and white gravel can make your yard look attractive.

15. Creative Desert Landscape

Take advantage of fair used materials to turn your compound into an excellent look.

Transforming your yard doesn’t require you to break your budget but with fairly used materials you can make your yard look beautiful.

16. Desert Landscape

Cactus and succulent are very nice plants to bring desert into your yard. These plants are tolerant to weather conditions.

17. Perfect Desert Landscape

Perfect desert landscape

This is the perfect way to landscape your backyard and make it look exceptionally beautiful.

Your outer space deserves the best, therefore you can use this idea to make it the best you desire it to be.

18. Landscape With Cactus

cluster cactus

Cactus are plants that are tolerant with any weather condition that you may subject them into. 

That’s why they are good for desert landscapes, especially when considering the inexpensive one.

19. Make Use Of Planters

Desert landscape

Planters are what takes the day now when it comes to the desert landscape of the yard. Because they are cheap and don’t require money to maintain them.

The only maintenance it requires is to dust the planter. The grass also require watering once in a while.

Take advantage of these plants to make your backyard look good.

20. Do It Yourself Landscape Idea

DIYS landscape idea

This idea is very easy to do. Get a planter and gravel to transform your yard into an stunnish place.

Position planters in a way you want it to be and get your backyard revamp to an excellent way you ever dream it to be.


You have seen many inexpensive desert landscape ideas that will guide you when you want to landscape your outer space in this article.

Many people take landscape to be an expensive thing, therefore they leave their yard not to work on.

The truth is that you can have your yard transform in whatever way you want it to be with a low cost.

Take advantage of the ideas that I shared here to get your yard’s beautifully layout in a special way you dream it to be like.