How Can I Make My Planter Beautiful?

Think about it, that your pots and planters in your backyard are always looking good and nice, beautiful, and with excellent designs that are quite different from every other home.

When your friends see these beautiful mind blowing designs and creativity they will not hesitate to ask  “who made this beautiful pots and planters?”

The Planters in your house deserve the best. Planters in your backyard need to be beautified with a little creativity.

Planters are part of those features that add value to our homes, in the deck or patio at the backyard.

However, it’s your duty to make them look good and appealing for your visitors to behold and admire whenever they are around.

Making your pots and your planters different in design from every other person in your neighborhood requires little plan out and creativity.

This article is writing to help you with steps on how you can make your pots and planters beautiful.

Here are 10 steps on how you can beautify your planters:

Step 1:  Plan out the outlook of your plants

Step 2:  Choose the best design of pots

Step 3:  Plant with a rich nutrient soil

Step 4:  Put into consideration the growing conditions of your plants

Step 5:  Make provision for adequate watering

Step 6:  Nurture and groom the plant

Step 7:  Use fertilizer to improve the growth of your planter

Step 8:  Get a wooden crate planter

Step 9:  Make use of pram planter

Step10: Make use of an attractive color containers

Step 1:  Plan Out The Outlook of Your Plants

Beautifying the planters in your house is a part of adding value to your home. 

Sometimes, many house owners find it difficult to actually get the exact design they figure out — which ordinary ought not to be so difficult.

Beautifying your planter shouldn’t be a burden to you or concern because it requires you making up your mind on what you intend to achieve.

For you to get the exact design of a planter to add beauty to your house it requires planning out the outlook of your planter.

The process of planning involves a careful selection of planters that will best suit your house and give it a befitting outlook — that everyone will admire it.

Also, put into consideration the climate change. Get planters that will allow your plants to survive any climate change.

If you like a mix plant, choose a planter that will make your mix plant to thrive in any weather conditions.

Planning will help you get the best creativity ideal that your friends will admire whenever they visit your home.

Beautifying your planter, planning plays a major role in getting the right planters, that will edifying your home. 

How you place your planters at home contribute to its beauty. If your planters aren’t proper at strategic places in your house will not add value to your home.

So, think out the exact place you will place your panter to beautify your outdoor deck or patio.

Step 2:  Choose The Best Design of Pots

The next step after planning is to choose or select the right planter pots for your plants.

The type of pots you choose for your plants determine their growth. 

Study the and know the nature of the plants you want to plant before going for any pots.

There are plants that spread their roots and consume a lot of water, oxygen and nutrients, which are vital for plant growth. 

So those plants that spread their roots and consume a lot of water need bigger pots.                                 

A planter that’s too small will crowd roots, resulting in a scarcity of water, oxygen, and nutrients that are vital for healthy, vigorous growth.

Sometimes, a big planter plot will lead to over moisture, which may not be too healthy to the plant — this will reduce the rate of  oxygen the plants get. 

Planters pots are very important when it comes to beautifying your house.

Morealso, when choosing a planter pot it’s important you choose the right pots. This will determine the effectiveness of your plant’s growth.

When using a planter, use the recommended spacing for your plants. 

According to research by Gardener’s Path, if the normal growth of plants is 10-12 inches tall, you will need a pot that is half of their size or around 6-8 inches in diameter.

For plants that grow from 24-36 inches in height, a larger container around 24 inches in diameter would be appropriate.

Go for pots with proper drainage holes and adequate drainage material on the bottom, to allow easy to flow of water.

Step 3:  Plant With a Rich Nutrient Soil

The effectiveness of your plants is solely dependent on the soil nutrient.

Don’t just plant with any soil that is available to you. But going into details to know the  percentage of the soil nutrient.

Soil nutrients help to develop the soil’s structure, which helps with the retention of moisture and nutrients, and reduces soil compaction.

Soil nutrients help your plant to thrive and beautify the outlook of your plant.

Therefore, as someone who desires to have beautiful planters in your home, then you need to provide your plant with a rich nutrient.

You may be asking “how do you improve the soil nutrient?” The soil nutrient can be worked on by treating your soil with 20 – 30% of finished compost. You can as well use manure like fertilizer to increase the soil nutrients.

Another way to improve your soil nutrient is by using a container soil that has moisture-retaining materials in the mix (e.g., sphagnum moss, perlite, vermiculite).

Step 4:  Put Into Consideration The Growing Conditions of Your Plant

Don’t just grow your plants but consider the weather and the location you want to place them.

There are plants that can’t withstand heat therefore, those kinds of plants can’t be placed close to the heat from the sun.

The position of your plants are very important when you’re considering the growth condition of the plants.

The best way to have healthy plants is to do a proper combination of plants with similar moisture.

For example, portulaca may not be grow very well in the same planter with moisture-loving hibiscus

Put into consideration the life of your plants. You can combine the different types of plant with different types of moistures.

Step 5:  Make provision For Adequate Watering

Do you know planters in the sunny location hot more when summer arrives. 

 Yes they do.

That is why as a garden steward you need to make adequate watering of your plant to ensure proper growth.

There are factors that determine how often you should water plants. 

Here are the factors:

  • Light exposure
  • Pot size
  • Plant size

These are the factors that determine how often you can water your plants. 

There are plants that have strong roots and strong health, these kinds of plants require watering often to enable the plant grow faster.

Likewise, when you water your plant lightly they will develop a shallow root, and  small root that will just be under the surface. This will affect the growth of the plants.

So, the best method to water your plant is by taking it slowly. This will allow every root of your plant to drink enough water.

Step 6:  Nurture and groom the plant

How healthy your plant will be is dependent on how you take care of the plant during the grooming stage.

The grooming stage of every plant is an important thing that a garden steward has to take very seriously.

Part of the grooming is making your containers lighter by trimming off the deadhead, removing straggly stems, and quickly re-plant any plant that’s dead. 

One of the advantages of container planting is that it does not pet plant affection or problems unlike the ground planting.

However, as a result of their closest and no improper circulation of air, the spread of fungi and pests is very fast compared to ground planting.

So when you discover any plant with disease during the nurture period quickly remove the plant for it not to affect other plants.

Step 7: Use Fertilizer to Improve The Growth of Your Planter

Do you want your plant to develop good health and with a beautiful appearance? Then maintain constant application of fertilizer.

Fertilizer will gradually improve the healthy condition of your plant through the process of slow-release application on your plant.

Sometimes, fertilizing your plant may be time consuming, therefore apply diluted drink of water-soluble fertilizer on a weekly basis for small containers and two weeks on a bigger container.

This process of fertilizer application is very important compared because it does’t allow nutrient drainage from the containers.

Unlike the watering that drains nutrients from the container through the drainage hole when it’s proper watered correctly.

The plants on the containers are limited when it comes to how far their roots can travel. Therefore, it’s important you water your plant with an all-purpose, water-soluble fertilizer on a weekly basis.

According to research by gardener’s path, a general purpose fertilizer of 24-8-16 (24% nitrogen, 8% phosphorous, and 16% potassium) will maintain and feed your plants in pretty much any environment. 

The specific formulas (such as for tomatoes or annuals) may be selected to cater specifically to your chosen plantings.

Even though fertilizer is good for plants, over fertilizing your plant will destroy your plant. Don’t over fertilize your plant but use the appropriate measure to fertilize your plant as it’s instructed by the fertilizer manufacturers.

Step 8:  Get a Wooden Crate Planter

Wooden crate planter will definitely beautify your outdoor look. Get a wooden crate planter to add value to your planter.

Wooden crate planters mostly last for years but this depends on the type of wood used. 

Wooden crate planters require little maintainers of cleaning it up. The cost of production is quite friendly. 

Wood like redwood, cypress, and cedar last long when they’re well taken care of. These kinds of wood are resistant to rot damage, and insects.

Every wooden crate planter or container has limited time therefore they can easily be removed or changed.

Step 9:  Make Use of Pram Planter

Another way to add beauty to your planters is by making use of pram planters.

Prame planters are unique in their beauty.

Pram planter is the act of being creative that brings out the designs, which beautify your home with use of pram planter.

One good thing about the pram planter is that it can be toll to any position you desire in your house.

Step 10: Make Use of an Attractive Color Containers

Are you good in color combination? An attractive color combination will bring out the beauty of your planter.

When you want to beautify your house with a planter, the color of your house, the color of your container and the color of your flower are what you should put into consideration.

Most importantly, what appeals to your eyes is a well color combination. 

Don’t just combine color but learn how to beautify your planter before you combine it so it will not be odd in the eyes.

The beauty of your planter depends on how good you’re in your color combination.


The outlook of your house or deck is a combination of the features used to decorate the environment.

The beauty of your planter is very important. This is the reason why this article was written.

Do you really want to beautify your planters? If yoes.

Then study the steps listed here above to know how you can beautify your planters.