Do Outdoor Fireplaces Give Off Heat? (Read First)

Outdoor fireplaces are more valuable when the weather conditions outside are extremely cold.

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An outdoor fireplace is a great addition to an outdoor room, which does provide heat and warmth that helps to make outdoor enjoyable and pleasurable.

Let’s quickly answer the question: Do outdoor fireplaces give off heat? Yes! Outdoor fireplaces do give off heat irrespective of the fuel in use and the model of the outdoor fireplaces. 

However, how much heat outdoor fireplaces produces it’s depends on materials uses and factors that guide firepla

How Much Heat Does Fireplace Give Off

Outdoor fireplaces generally have BTU (British Thermal Unit) as a unit of measurement for heat. The BTU output ranges from 30,000 – 100,000. The intensity of heat fireplace produce is dependent on the fuel used in the production.

Another factor that also determines the intensity of heat fireplace produces is the model. Different models of fireplaces generate or give off different degrees of heat based on the capacity built into them.

The higher fireplace BTU (British Thermal Unit) is a unit of measurement for heat. The higher the BTU the higher the heat it produces.

Fireplace model that is designed to be power electric has a heat regulator. The higher the voltage the higher the amount of heat it generates.

There are fireplace designs to use wood, ethanol, gas, and gel. These types of fuel produce different types of heat.

Gas and ethanol produce the higher amount of heat on the fireplace. When you use a fireplace that uses gas or ethanol, it produces a higher amount of heat compared to wood and other inflammable fuel.

The intensity of heat the fireplace produces is dependent on the fuel it uses and the model. There is a model of fireplace that is inbuilt with a certain amount of heat that it can’t exceed.

How Do Outdoor Fireplaces Funcion?

Basically, outdoor fireplaces are constructed with stone, stucco, stainless and steel. Outdoor fireplace have several options for fuel. 

The number option for fuel it has the higher the amount of heat it produces. Even the chimney outdoor fireplace is also constructed to have several options of fuel that it uses to power the heat.

However, some home built fireplace outdoors are designed to use wood for fuel, while some high-quality fireplace outdoors use propane.

Propane burns burn more clearly and produce heat. The amount of heat it produces when using propane as fuel is higher than when wood is used as fuel.

How To Increase Heat Intensity Of Conventional Outdoor Fireplaces

Most people find it difficult to understand how to increase the heat degree of a wood-burning fireplace.

In this section, you’ll discover a simple way to increase the heat intensity of an outdoor fireplace. 

There are two factors you need to consider when increase the amount of heat outdoor fireplace produces:

  • Wood quality 
  • Burning rate

The quality of woods you use in your outdoor fireplace are what determine the amount of heat it will give. If the woods are not high-qualities, the heat it will generate will not meet your desire. 

So, you need high-quality woods if you want your outdoor fireplace to give off much heat. The effectiveness of an outdoor fireplace is the amount of it produced.

Outdoor fireplace will not burn effectively if the woods are not high quality. The rate at which the wood burns is solely dependent on the quality of the woods. 

Wood quality is very important when considering to increase the quality of heat outdoor fireplace produce.

Use only very dry woods on your outdoor fireplace. Newly cut and green woods lack the capacity to retain a lot of moisture that produce lasting heat.

Ensure the woods are over year cut before you make use of them in your outdoor fireplace. 

Hardwood like oak, maple or hickory that are cut for over one year can burn easily to give off a higher degree of heat. There are other woods that you can use but ensure the woods are at least one year cut.

Another factor to consider when you want to increase the heat intensity of an outdoor fireplace is fireplace insert.

An insert will definitely increase the degree of the heat and make it more effective. Insert will make you get the most heat from the outdoor fireplace.

You need to install stainless steel inserts that are either single or double lined. The stainless steel will help to seal the interior and chimney that conduct heat around the environment where the fireplace is inserted.

To make an outdoor fireplace give off much heat, you need to replace the screen with a glass door. 

Most people consider the heat output is less important in a fireplace but unknown to them that a fireplace uses it to gain more heat efficiency when you replace the screen door with glass.

Wood-burning outdoor fireplace has a lot of designs but doesn’t burn as a gas fireplace outdoors.

How To Make Gas-Burn Fireplace Produce Much Heat

Gas burning fireplaces are the best when it comes to giving off much heat. The amount of heat the fireplace produces is far better than a wood-burning fireplace.

Here some do it yourself method of increase and maximize outdoor gas fireplace efficiency.

The aspect of making the heat become more intensive is to remove the tempered glass with ceramic. 

Ceramic materials are stronger and have the capacity efficiency to retain and transmit heat from gas into the environment.

Another method to make a gas fireplace to give off much heat is ensuring proper insulation. Make sure the gas fireplace insert is properly insulated with a vapor barrier and drywall. 

This method will prevent heat leakage and make it speculate the environment. Insulating your fireplace will make it give off much heat rather than when it’s not insulated.

If your gas fireplace has a blower then ensure you carry out a regular check on the blower. At least carry a check on the blower annually. 

Annual check on the blower will help you to remove buildup and dust that has the capacity to reduce the amount of it give off or the ability to properly heated air.

How to Prevent outdoor Fireplace Heat Loss

If your outdoor fireplace experiences heat loss then I want to show the simple way of keeping heat from going out.

You can’t get the most effective heat fireplace if you’re without proper knowledge of how to keep heat from going out. 

If the fireplace chimney doesn’t produce heat from the chimney then it will give off intensive heat. Understanding these methods will make you have fireplace heating efficiency.

Here are tips on how to make fireplace heating efficient and an intensive heat producer.

  • Ensure you install a fireplace insert. Insert help to make a fireplace to produce intensive heat.

According to the U. S. Department of Energy, they found that a fireplace with insert will have heat output of 60% compared to a fireplace without insert.

Inserts help the fireplace to maximise heat production and increase the intensity that makes it effective.

Another tip you can use to prevent heat loss in a fireplace is to use heat-resistant caulk around the fireplace hearth.

Even when the fireplace is outside, you still make the area where it is to be close in a way to contain the heat.

Another tip is to adjust the fireplace damper to the size of your fire, narrowing it for smaller flames. 

How much do outdoor fireplaces cost?

The cost of a fireplace is highly dependent on some factors, which are:

  • Brand 
  • Model 
  • Size 
  • Installation 

These factors above are what determine how much an outdoor fireplace will cost. 

The cost of an outdoor fireplace (wood-burning, gas burning, propane burning, and electricity outdoor fireplace) ranges from 100 – 24,000 dollars. This price covers everything about setting up an outdoor fireplace. 

Once your budget is in between the cost range here, you’ll definitely find an outdoor fireplace of your choice.


Outdoor fireplaces do give off heat irrespective of the model and the type fuel used on it. The rate at which it produces heat depends on the model and the fuel.

When shopping for an outdoor fireplace, let the quality of heat you need guide you to buy high quality ones.