Overhead Deck Lighting Ideas (15 Stunning Ideals With Pictures)

Decks offer us a convenience place for us to enjoy the outdoor space. 

In this article, I carefully selected 15 different overhead deck lighting ideas you can use to decorate, beautify, and increase visibility on your deck during the sun set.

Poor visibility sometimes shortens the number of hours people spend on deck during the sun set. 

During the sunset, you can still enjoy your deck by lighting up your deck with well-designed lights, which provide visibility, security, attractiveness, and extend the pleasure for more hours.

Lights on the decks are not just to beautify the environment but also enhance the clear view on the deck

With these overhead deck lighting ideas you will discover how to improve and put into better use of your decks.

Benefits of Outdoor Deck Lighting

There are many benefits you’ll gain when you install lights on your deck. The lights aren’t just for visibility at night but it serves various functions.

Lighting up your deck gives both practical and aesthetic benefits, which make your deck different from other decks.

Lights make the deck look like an outdoor room. A place where you can host visitors, entertain friends, have dinner, have fun with family and have quiet time as well.

Lights keep the environment warm and conducive for people to enjoy themselves during cold weather conditions.

Lights on deck make it safe for people to use at night. They aren’t concerned about visibility of the area when the lights are turned on. 

Light also makes grilling, bar, and danning area or jacuzzi enjoyable. Grilling at night is not a problem because of the lights.

What Type of Overhead Lights Should I Use on my Deck?

It’s more recommended to use bright, warm, and cool lights at your outer space deck. 

The bright lights will make the place visible. Warm lights will keep the area warm at cold weather conditions. While cool light will make the environment cool.

You don’t need to turn on the three modes of lights at the same time, if you have all at your deck. Turn on any one that corresponds with the weather conditions of your area.

It’s better you choose all 3 modes of lights to keep the deck at a better temperature degree that will be good for users.

Label the appropriate switch that controls each mode of lights. The label will make it easy for users to know which one to turn on at any weather conditions.

Color lights will also be good in such an environment as well to add beauty. People use any color that suits their mode or interpreted any particular event in their life to decorate the deck.

Whatever color and mode lights you choose to light up your deck with, will go a long way to make the area useful and visible to users.

Is LED Strip Lights Good For Outdoors?

Any LED strip lights are a beautiful idea to make your outerspace deck attractive and useful.

These types of lights come in rolled strips, which you can cut to suit whatever style of light you fix on your deck.

Many LED strip lights are waterproof, which make the deck more safe for users because they’re mostly run underneath your deck.

The string LED lights railing along the staircase to provide illumination and clear visibility.

LED strip lights are safe lights to beautify and add value of clarity to your area. Take an advantage of the LED string lights today to make your deck useful.

Where Is The Safer Place to Fix Light on Deck?

Not every area of the deck is safe to fix lights. Therefore it’s good you know the safer place to install lights on your deck. 

Here are some of the safe area you can install light on your deck:

The stairs edges are the best fixtures to install lights. Also surface mounts and path mounts are another way you can install light.

You can mount lights at the center of your deck so long as the light is waterproof or it has insulation that will prevent it from elecute users.

You can either call an electrician to install the light or do it  by yourself. Sometimes, an electrician is better to install the lights to better lighten the environment.

Let’s get started.

1. String Lights

String lights serve two purposes on the deck. One, they provide clear visibility because you have the right to install it at any place of your choice.

Second, the string lights come with different colors that beautify your deck. String lights aren’t expensive to install nor is it costly to maintain.

String lights provide a special vibe that make deck adoring and attractive to users. 

Because of the low cost of installation, string lights have become popular among deck owners. 

Take advantage of string lights today to improve the usability of your outdoor deck.

2. Deck Steps Lights to Provide Visibility

deck step lighting

These lights provide safety and security because they are mounted on the surface with risers and light beneath the treads for easy access to the deck.

These types of string lights increase safety and security for the users — because they make the vicinity bright.

During the sun set, these lights provide easy access to the deck. It is used to beautify the outdoors as well. 

To mount these lights call for a well-designed lighting to help you fix them at the proper location where they can give safety and security.

3. Stair-Post Lighting Your Deck

Deckpost Lights

Are users finding it difficult to access your deck at poor visibility? Then you get nothing to worry about, you can make the place accessible by putting stair-post lights on the deck.

Post lights on the deck give a clear view and sight on the deck. These lights are not just for view only but also used to beautify the environment.

Posting light on the deck comes in different ways like LED and solar. Batteries are used to power LED lights while solar uses the sun ray to power.

They shine brighter and lovely when you use these types of lights on your deck. Your deck deserves the best, therefore use stair-post lights to make it the best. 

These lights are built into the post caps. Recessed lights within the stairs that increase the look and beautify the area.

4. Pool Deck Lighting

pool deck lightings

Decks located close to the pool require lights for safety and security by the users. The lights make the environment look exceptional and adoring.

The lights beautify both the pool and deck for users to enjoy the environment. 

You can use post, and recessed lights to give a clear demarcation to the pool and deck.

5. Sun Color Deck Lighting

deck lighten

These types of deck lights provide clear visibility like the day. The lights can be fixed on the side of the deck or the sunken, lower-level deck.

Landscaping your deck with these types of lights will give your deck a clear visibility. These types of lights are used in most parts of the U.S. 

The types of lights on the deck become more beautiful when there are palm trees or any tree around the environment. 

6. Customized Deck Lights

string overhead deck lights

These lights are customised in special ways that make the deck look modern and exceptional elegance to the viewer or the users.

LED lights are special in this regard to make the stair look beautiful. At the center of the deck, fix another there that makes the place look excellents.

7. Railing Lights

deck lightings

This is similar to the post lighting and deck’s staircases lights. The post lights are distance from the deck to give a wide view of the environment.

This railing light gives you more space to add more lights. Railing lights standing at different locations close to the deck make the area bright.
8. Long Linear Lights

deck over head lights

The long linear lights on the deck are a creative way to make the deck staircase edge beautiful and look amazing.

The lights are created with risers and plexiglass with a linear cold cathode light fixture that make it more bright and give a clear visibility.

This depends on the sight you want to determine the types of paint you will use to paint the risers. 

The code cathode is energy efficient that makes the light lamp life stay long. This perfect way to make your deck area look perfect and nice.

9. Rope Lights

rope lights over deck

Rope lighting on the deck is a good way to add value to your deck and make the environment look excellent. 

The rope lights are an inexpensive way to call attention at the deck area. Customized the area with well-designed rope lights to make the environment excellent.

10. Tree Deck Lights

tree lights over deck

Is your deck close to a tree? If not, you can get an artificial tree to fix the lights that will give your deck a pleasant look.

If you have a tree close to your deck, then decorate the tree with string lights that will make the place look good.

You can also enhance the outdoor deck by using the fresh cafe style deck lights for an overhead ambient light source.

11. Hanging Light

deck lightnings

Does your deck have a pergola, then overhead lighting will make the area look excellent. You can use an outdoor chandelier and add personality to your deck.

The overhead lights can be of different colors that brighten up the place in such a way it will add value to the environment.

The chandelier lights are a simple way to design the place with beautiful lights.

12. Solar Lights

solar deck lights

Do you want to add lights on the deck but considering the electricity bill? Then why don’t  you use the solar system to light up the area? Especially when you’re in the area that has much sun.

Solar  lighting on deck is a simple way to make the environment look nice and beautiful. Is a creative way to make your deck look excellent. 

Solar lights are cost-effective and simple to install. You can use these lights to magnify your deck.

Solar lights that are low-to-the-ground can nicely offset potted plants or shrubbery, giving a luxurious feel to a backyard deck with a garden.

13. Spac Light

overhead deck lights

Spac lighting is a way to make the place look beautiful and create visibility in your deck. Even though the space is built for entertainment, it will be a good and excellent way to make the environment enjoyable.

Spac lighting is a way to make the deck more useful and create more visibility. Recessed lighting is the best way to make the environment look good. This type of light is a waterproof LED tape, which comes in the strips lengths.

14.  Roof Lightnings Deck

Does your deck have pogola? Then take an advantage of the pergola to lighten up the deck.

You can place the lights discreetly under the eaves of the pergola. The deck is illuminati without leaking lighting into the night sky. 

Pergola deck is a clear way to make the environment look excellent, good and conducive at night.

15. Recessed Dark Lights

You can use recessed deck lighting to make the area look good and provide safety. Recessing is a stylish way to improve the environment.

Recessed lighting is not only for ceilings but can also be used for a deck without ceili. The flush deck is another alternative area to make the place look beautiful.


Lighten up your deck environment, add value and increase the usability. There is a specific way to light the area.

All you want is to align your taste with your budget to create perfect deck visibility when the sunset is up.

With these ideas provide here you can choose any one that suit your budget and lighting up your deck.