What Can I Put Where My Grass Won’t Grow?

The green grass in the backyard adds value to our outdoor and makes us have a better view of outer space. 

In this article, I outline 8 ways you can transform that part of your backyard where grass won’t grow into lively and comfortable place.

This forms part of the area in the backyard where we often have fun with our family while enjoying the cool breeze of nature.

The unfortunate thing is that there are some parts of the backyard that grass just won’t grow.

As a result of this area, you may not have utilized your backyard the way you ought to have.

Maybe, you have tried all you could to grow grass in that area of your outdoor space but it didn’t just grow. 

You don’t need to worry, this article is here to provide you with better information on how you can turn that area in the backyard where grass won’t grow to a useful place.

Here are 10 ways on how you can landscape the area in your backyard where grass won’t grow.

  • Build a nice deck of wood, brick or cement, and tile to beautify the area
  • Design the place with artificial (Turf) grass where grass won’t grow 
  • Decorate the area with smooth, nice gravel especially under the trees to create a good look
  • Grow a small garden of flowers that last long with low-cost of maintenance.
  • Convert the area to a play center for your children
  • Use it for a mini viewing center
  • Construct a pond
  • Mulch the area

Build a Nice Deck Of Wood, Bricks or Cement, And Tile to Beautify The Area

You can turn the part of your backyard where grass won’t grow into a small outdoor living area by building a deck on it.

Deck will make the place valuable and useful, instead of making your backyard look odd.

Beautify the deck with furniture. The furniture will make your family enjoy your outdoor space, especially that area that there is no grass.

You can also build an outdoor fireplace. These facilities will make the area a useful place for you and your friends.

The cost of maintaining a deck is low, while don’t you add value to that area where grass won’t grow by constructing a deck? 

I know you can’t afford to leave your backyard bare and unkempt — therefore turn the area to a living outdoor.

Design The Place With Artificial (Turf) Grass Where Grass Won’t Grow

Since you have tried all that you could to grow grass in that area but it doesn’t just work. There is a perfect way out, relax, don’t overwork yourself out. I know you love the look of grass.

Why not make use of Artificial (turf) grass? This will give you a healthy grass look with less maintenance. 

Over time the cost of buying artificial (Turf) grass will be settled at the long-run, since artificial (Turf) grass is designed to last a lifetime. 

According to research by Home Advisor, the average cost to install turf is between $2,744 and $6,568. This is one time cost, after this, the only cost is maintenance, which is quite cheap.

Artificial (turf) grass will add value to the backyard and appeal to the eyes, in a very special way.

According to research by House Logic, the cost to maintain a turf is between 14 to 60 cents per square foot. Turf is free for the next 15 to 25 years after installation before thinking of maintenance.

Hence, why not turn that area in your backyard that has not been useful for a long time to a more better and useful place, by simply applying artificial (Turf) grass.

Decorate The Area With Smooth And Nice Gravel (To Create a Good Look)

Turn the part that grass won’t grow into an amazing center in your backyard. Get a nice smooth gravel to decorate and beautify the area.

Design the environment with mables as well. Arrange the gravel in an orderly manner that will give the place a nice look.

Get black and white paints colours to paint the edge for more beauty. This paint will add value to the area and magnify the beauty of the gravel.

Grow a Small Garden of Flowers That Last Long With Low-cost of Maintenance

A small garden of flowers can transform that area in your backyard where grass refused to grow to an adorable environment.

Take advantage of a variety of flowers, shrubs and plants to decorate the area where grass doesn’t grow. 

Better still, plant perennial plants, they are easy to maintain with low cost. Colourful flowers will change the look of that area to a well appealing place to the eyes.

Convert The Area to a Play Center For Your Children

Why not consider constructing a playground for your children since grass won’t grow there.

This will help your children to enjoy outdoor space and make them creative. Children like outdoor space especially when it’s properly keep with amenities that they can play with why in the backyard. 

You can either sand or rubber mulch the area where there is no grass. This will make it a safe ground for your children to play  and have fun.

Do you know that most creative people got their ideal why they were playing at the children’s playground? Yes they do. 

Playground contribute to the mental building of children. This is why is school don’t joke with play ground, and they create time for children to play.

Convert that place were grass won’t grow to a mini play ground fro your kids.

Use it For a Mini Viewing Center

Have you thought of a viewing-center concerning that area where grass won’t grow? Why not beautify the place by turning it into a view center?

It can be a football view center, wrestling or any other sport you are interested, this will best served the purpose.

Decorate it with different types of light, to make the place look colourful and beautiful at night and day. Turn it into a useful place in your backyard.

Make it a mini view-center where you can also hangout with your friends. Mini view center will make you enjoy and maximize the best of your backyard.

Construct a Pond

Landscape that part of your backyard with water features designs. This will add value to that part of your outdoor where glass refuses to grow.

A pond at your outdoor will make your backyard unique and excellent for your family and friends. Plant flowers around the pond to beautify the place.

Pond concrete lasts long and cheap. The cost of building a pond concrete is between  $1,800 and $4,000 

Adding value to your compound is worth doing, therefore make that part of your backyard where grass won’t grow to a more enticing place.

Mulch The Area

The application of much is to cover the death grass in your lawn. There are a variety of materials you can mulch with.

For example, rubber, pin needles, straw mulch, shredded bark, sawdust, and wood chips. Mulching will make your outdoor space look good and nice.

The advantage of mulch to that area where grass won’t grow include erosion protection, weed control, heat retention, root system protection, and moisture retention.

Now that you know what you can put where grass won’t grow in your backyard, let us quickly look at the reasons why grass doesn’t grow some times.

These reasons here might be different from yours, depends on your location.

Reason Why Your Grass is Not Growing 

There are many factors why grass won’t in that part of your backyard. These factors include the following:

  • Poor soil
  • Lack of sun
  • Improper watering 
  • Lack of nitrogen on the ground

These and many other reasons why grass won’t grow. We shall look at these factors one after the other.

This will help you to know how to make grass grow naturally instead of following artificial methods to make your backyard look good.

Poor Soil

A soil sometimes referred to as poor when it has none or contains low nutrients, high salts and is not rich in organic matter.

When a soil plant finds it difficult to pull its root through soil as a result of lack of proper drain well is called poor soil.

Sometimes the soil might be too light and drain off its nutrients, which prevent plants from growing.

You can correct poor soil by adding more organic matter like compost.

Poor soil prevents grass from growing in your backyard. Application of manure can also help the situation.

Lack of Sun

There are some compounds with big trees which create shade that obstruct sunlight directly to the area where grass has not grown.

Grass needs at least 6 hours direct sunlight daily for proper growth. One of the reasons why grass does not grow in that area of your backyard could be lack of sun.

You might want to consult a landscaping expert to know the exact thing you will do. They will guide you on how you can improve in your backyard.

Improper Watering

Every plant needs water to grow, likewise grass. The major thing that aid grass growth is water.

When some parts of your backyard lack water, grass might not grow over there. So grass  needs the maximum amount of water to grow.

There is a way you can water your grass, get landscaping to teach you how to water your grass to increase their growth. When you water frequently or shallow it will definitely disturb your grass.

Lack of Nitrogen on The Ground

The easiest way to diagnose this problem is by employing the service of soil text, to know the level of lack of nitrogen in your soil and other nutrients.

When correcting this lack of nitrogen in your soil, be mindful not to over feed the soil or under feed it as well.

Seek advice from soil text for you to do the right things. Don’t just go ahead to treat your soil but get advice.


Backyard is an important part of the house. When you beautify your backyard, it will add value to your house.

There are so many things you can do to that area of your backyard where grass has refused to grow.

Think of what you need most in your backyard and turn that area to it.

Whatever ideal you come up with, make it the best and beautify your backyard. 

You can even create a small playground for your kids, this will improve your children both mental and health wise.