Is it Safe to Hang Outdoor String Lights Over a Pool?

It’s not safe to hang outdoor string lights over a pool.

Hanging string lights over a pool simply means exposing every one using that pool into the risk of death.

According to Micheal Stinson the owner of Folsom’s Mike the poolman pool cleaning and maintenance service “Someone just came up with this idea, posted a photo and homeowners are now following suit. Be smart, don’t do it!”

String lights over a pool are dangerous. The disadvantages are more than the advantages. You might have seen it on social media but isn’t right. 

However you want to brighten up the pool environment right or add more beauty to it. There are many ways to get this done.

In this article, I want to show you the 8 possible dangers of hanging string lights over a pool.

Here are the 8 possible dangers of hanging string lights over a pool.

1. Risk of Exposing Pool Users to Death

String lights over a pool aren’t completely safe for pool users. 

They cause death. Many have died as a result of string lights over a pool. It’s better you avoid this risk — you avoid this risk.

Some people may say that the string lights at their pool site are properly secured with a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI), therefore the pool is safe.

What if the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter fails to work at the moment the wire falls into the pool.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter sometimes disappoint. 

What if the GFCI stops functioning on unknowing to you and at that point the wire falls into the pool? This could be dangerous.

The function of the GFCI is to interrupt any abnormal condition that could result from electrocute.

So string lights over the pool can easily cause death if electric wire falls into the pool.

If these string lights are not dangerous, the national electric code (NEC) will not come up with a policy that says you must have 10 feet clearance above water level if you choose to hang string light over the pool. 

String lights and any other lights that passess the beach must be at least 10 feet above the water level.

NEC came up with this policy to save people who use the pool that has string light from being electrocuted.

2. Reduces The Amount Fun at The Pool

The joy of swimming in a pool is either for fun or exercise. 

Beach is not a place for showers, rather is a place for physical exercise and having fun with friends and loved ones.

When this fun is cut short or reduced because of the string lights over the pool, then the idea of having a pool in your backyard is defeated.

If people have to mind the way they have fun on the beach, because of the string lights then, the string lights are not worthy of hanging over the pool.

Imagine having fun with your friends and you can’t play with a beach ball or beach toy. What do you think such fun will look like?

Is it better to have a full fun at the beach than going into the beach to have limited freedom because of string light? 

The excitement at the pool willn’t make some people mind the way they do at the pool. People throw up pool balls or toys at any distance.

If the pool ball or toys get to cut any of the string wire that connects the light and fall into the pool. This will lead to electrocution. Electrocution causes death. 

3. Prone to Accident

Do you know string lights over a pool are potential accidents created by the owner?

Yes they’re, since the wire can fall anytime or the poles they are connected to.

Accidents usually occur when playing around or inside the pool, if such an accident causes wire to fall or the electric pole it might likely cause death.

If adding value and beauty to your pool is prone to death, then why not leave it the way it’s?

It’s better for someone to sustain injuries than death. String lights are likely to cause death more easily than when they’re not.

You can avoid this risk of death by not hanging string light over a pool.

4. It Takes More Time to Clean The Pool

The string light creates more work during cleaning.

Brushing and cleaning the pool take more time because of the overhead wires, cords etc.

These wires and cold will not allow the pool cleaner to move off the aluminium pole faster.

It consumes time and becomes more stressful to properly clean the pool. 

Due to this, it takes more time to get the pool cleaned-up. The string lights make it difficult to use those aluminum brushes to get the pool clean.

5. Increase The Work Around Pool

Cleaning a pool that has a string of wires surrounding it becomes very difficult.

The work becomes increased unlike the one that doesn’t have.

string lights over a pool increase the work at the pool. it becomes more challenging to make it clean and neat..

Why increase the cleaning work at your pool instead to avoid it when you can do it. String lights over a pool causes nothing rather to district the activities at the pool.

Don’t be carried away by string lights over a pool beauty. The advantage overweigh the disadvantage. 

6. How Safe is The Pool?

How safe is the pool that has string lights? It’s not safe to hang string lights over a pool.

This isn’t safe for both adults and kids. Oftentimes, accidents do happen in the pool, this exposes the users to death.

Mainly the pool isn’t safe for users. The string lights might fall at any time, this may lead to electrocution.

Water has the capacity to transmit electricity faster. When string wire falls into the pool, it causes death. 

 String lights over a pool exposes the user to the risk of electrocutions.

7. Is The Pool with String Light Safe for Your Kids?

Pools are not safe for children who are between 0 to 4 years of age. Those children can easily be drawn or have fatal accidents during swimming.

Supervising your kids during swimming till when they’re of age to swim under no supervision is very important.

String light over the pool will make it more dangerous because children are likely to play with toys inside the pool.

Protect your kids whenever they are going to swim. 

According to WedMed, Nothing foolproof when it comes to protecting children from drowning in a pool says Mark Ross, a spokesman for the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

8. It Increase The Cost of a Pool Maintenance 

The cost to get your pool with string lights clean is higher than when there are no string lights.

The string lights wire makes it difficult for the pool cleaners to do their cleaning very well.

It takes more time to get the pool clean. So, string lights over is not advisable. Why paying to clean your pool just because of string light, when you can put light in another way.

Read on to discover another way to decorate your pool with string lights.

Where is The Safe Place to Hang Lights to Beautify my Pool?

There are so many other ways to beautify your pool with lights. Create free standing  poles to hang lights to beautify your pool side.

These free electric standing poles can be placed in strategic positions around the pool.

One advantage of these electric poles have insulators, which make safe for people to touch.

Connect the wires to the pole through underground wiring. Contact a certified electrician to do the connection for you.

Another way is to make use of the fence. This can be possible if the fence is 10m distance from the pole. 

Connecting light on the fence is a good option and safer for the poor users.

This way you will have a proper use of your fence.

The Disadvantage of String Lights Over a Pool

Even though string light over a pool brightens the environment and creates a nice sight, they pose more risk to users. 

The damage that comes from string light is more than the beauty it brings. Beauty and death can’t be measured at the same level. 

For example, how do you think people will feel if they lost someone because of string light over a pool that could have been avoided?

The negative cause from the string lights is more than the positive gain.

Pool Protection Layer For Children

One of the best protection layers any parents could provide for their children is the one on one supervision during swimming.

There are two aspect of parental supervision during children swimming, which are:

  • Supervising during swimming
  • Teaching them how to swim

These two aspects are very important for children. Through this they will know how to swim.

Another aspect of protection for children during swimming is that you should build a fence around the pool that is approximately 4 feet tall.

Ensure the fence has a very tight self-closing and opening gate that is not at the children reach.

The essence of this fence is to separate the pool from the children’s reach, therefore let the fence separate the pool from the house.

Customize the pool fence gate with alarm. This will alert you whenever the children try to open the pool gate.

Another important safety measure for the children is to install an underwater motion swimming pool alarm.

Fix a power safety pool cover at the pool. All these will go a long way to save your kids from drowning.

Electronic Alarm Protective Layer Backup For Kids

Electronic alarms are effective in signalling the parents in case of a kid drowns.

“It’s true that there is value to electronic alarm systems as part of the layering of protection,” says B. Chris Brewster, president of the U.S. Lifesaving Association, which provides training and certification for lifeguards 

So, if these alarms are another way to protect the kids from drowning, does it stop the parents from close watching of their children?

The electronic alarms are effective for signaling the parents if their children are drowning, but still doesn’t stop the parent from keeping a watch on their kids when swimming.

Electronic alarm doesn’t stop you as a parent from supervising your kids during swimming. 

The effectiveness of an electronic alarm doesn’t stop the parents from supervising their kids during swimming.

However, there is a negative side to supervision according to a Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) study on how child drownings occur and found that supervision can fail.

Here are some of the findings by CPSC according to Web MD regarding parents supervisor failures.

  • 69% of the accidents occurred while one or both parents were responsible for supervision.
  • 10% were adults other than the parents.
  • 14% were sitters.
  • 7% were siblings.

What was the location of the pool drowning?

  • 65% were in a pool owned by the child’s family.
  • 22% were at a relative’s.
  • 11% happened at a neighbor’s.

When were they last seen?

  • 46% were last seen in the house before being found in the pool. Of these, 15% were thought to be sleeping.
  • 23% were last seen in the yard, porch, or patio, not in the pool area.
  • 31% were last seen in the pool or pool area.

At What Age Are my Kids “Old Enough” to Swim Unsupervised? 

Many parents want to know the age that is right for the kids to swim unsupervised?

Kids that are 12 years and have master swimming can swim under-less supervision. This also means not to allow the kids in the pool without not going in with them — not under serious supervision doesn’t mean you aren’t close to the child when swimming.

Sometimes, it’s not safe for someone to swim alone. Swimming alone with a swimming partner is dangerous. 

Accidents do happen when swimming. When that eventually happens, who is there to save you? 

Therefore, that is the reason it is always advisable to be with someone inside the pool.

Though, there is no standard swimming age yet, ideally, no one should ever swim completely on their own irrespective of your age or swimming experience.

Swimming accidents can occur to anyone and whatever age the person may be — there should always be someone close to you when swimming.

So, what is the right age to let your kids swim alone without supervision? 

There is no right age for a child to swim under no supervision but it solely depends on the child’s maturity level and mastering of the swimming skill.

Also the depth of the swimming pool and along with those will be around the child will determine if you will leave the child to swim under no parental supervision.

It’s better to avoid any regret from a swimming accident, if it is under your reach to accomplish your child to the swimming pool, then do it.


String lights over a pool aren’t for people to have fun. The disadvantage of string lights over a pool are much more the disadvantage than the beauty.

You can also beautify your pool with other means of positioning your light around the pool.

Don’t be too concerned about beauty but analyse the danger of the string lights before you installations.

Being safety caution is more important than the adoring appearance of string lights around the pool.

Kids aren’t meant to be left alone to swim at the swimming pool. Supervise your kids when swimming. 

Supervision of your kids during swimming removes regret for any case of pool accident. 

Ensure you follow and adhere to the safety measure listed here in this article to save the life of your kids during swimming.

Since there is no standard age level yet that is old enough to allow your kids to swim under no supervision ,it simply means no matter the age your visual supervision is very important.

Supervision simply means close visual contact and being under your reach during swimming.