Is Steel or Aluminum Better For Patio Furniture? (Read First)

Are you considering buying steel or aluminum patio furniture but you’re too sure which lasts longer than?

Search no more because you’re in the best place to get comprehensive comparison between steel or aluminum patio furniture that’ll guide you to make better decisions. 

Steel patio furniture are better than aluminum patio furniture because they last longer, more sturdy, heavy, and expensive than aluminum furniture. However, aluminum furniture is more versatile that you can easily move around within a patio than steel furniture.

The durability and the capacity of patio furniture to withstand outdoor weather conditions depends on the materials used in the production. You can read more about aluminum here

There are factors you need to consider before you can conclude which one is better than. Therefore, we shall consider these factors separately.

Steel Vs. Aluminum Patio Furniture  — Durable

Many people want to know between steel or aluminum patio furniture which is better. Because weather conditions resistant to these materials are different.

The durability of steel or aluminum patio furniture is a function of their ability to withstand weather conditions.

Steel patio furniture are manufactured with materials that are highly resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Steel materials are composed of iron and carbon that prevent it from rust when exposed to weather conditions.

The composition makes steel patio furniture last longer than aluminum patio furniture. The combination of iron and carbon makes steel. 

When both steel and aluminum patio furniture are exposed to weather conditions, steel lasts longer because of its ability to resist rust as a result of the carbon built in it.

Steel patio furniture has the capacity to last lifetime, while aluminum patio furniture last 20 years.

Steel Vs Aluminum — Rust Resistant 

Steel patio furniture is galvanised by the introduction of zinc coating to the sheet before turning it into iron. 

The coating system prevents the metal from corrosion and which also helps it to withstand water exposure and air. Steel hardly gets rust when exposed to outdoor weather conditions because of the zinc coating.

When aluminum patio furniture is exposed to water, it easily gets rust due to lack of coating. Coating is like a seal that prevents the material from rust when it is exposed to water and air.

When you add chromium to zinc to galvanise steel material and use it to produce patio furniture, the material has the capacity to withstand salt water. Zinc chromium steel that doesn’t get rust when exposed to saltwater.

Aluminum can get rust when exposed to saltwater and air. To prevent aluminum from rust, you have waterproof your patio to prevent aluminum furniture from rust when exposed to saltwater and other outdoor weather conditions.

Steel furniture is manufactured to be stainless steel which makes them more resistant to weather conditions than aluminum furniture.

Aluminum can withstand outdoor weather conditions but it can’t be compared with steel that’s coated with zinc and chromium.

Steel materials are known to be highly rust proof compared to aluminum materials because aluminum materials are coated with zinc and chromium. The coating system of steel and aluminum make it more rust resistant than aluminum.

Steel Vs Aluminum — Light Weight  

Steel furniture is a heavy material. The materials are not light in weight at all. Aluminum patio furniture are light in weight compared to steel materials.

Aluminum furniture is better than steel furniture when considering weight. If you need furniture that you can easily move around your patio, then consider buying aluminum furniture.

Aluminum light weight state doesn’t prevent it from withstanding the outdoor weather conditions.

Aluminum patio furniture light weight makes it easy for you to move around within the patio. Aluminum patio furniture are designed for those who want to rearrange their patio from time to time.

Steel Vs Aluminum — Versatility   

Aluminum patio furniture are highly versatile that come in direct shape and designs. The versatility of aluminum patio furniture makes many people like aluminum.

Steel furniture is not versatile compared to aluminum furniture. 

When looking for patio furniture that are versatile, then go for aluminum patio furniture. The aluminum can be constructed into different designs and styles. 

Patio furniture made from aluminum is manufactured easily compared to other steel materials.

You can easily melt aluminum rather than steel material. The melting process of aluminum materials is easier than the steel materials. Steel materials are more energy-intensive during melting than aluminum materials.

You can easily extrude aluminum into any shape or design. Also you can as well cast it into any mode to produce your desired shape compared to steel.

Is Wrought Steel Materials Better Than Aluminum Materials?

A material is said to be wrought when it’s made by hand but not cast into any mode.

Wrought steel materials are more sturdy than wrought aluminum. Invariably, hardly will you see aluminum that’s wrought to produce furniture.

Most of the aluminum furniture is cast using mold to get the exact shape, while wrought steel materials are designed or constructed by hand. 

Wrought steel is the same with wrought iron. The both require the same process to get the materials ready for constructing patio furniture.

When considering between steel and aluminum which one to buy, go for steel materials because they are more durable than aluminum materials.

Steel Vs Aluminum — Wind Resistant  

Both steel and aluminum materials are built to withstand the persistence wind resistance.

Aluminum and steel patio furniture can hardly move by wind. Irrespective of the light weight of aluminum, it still has the capacity to withstand wind.

If you’re in an area that has harsh wind, then better go for steel patio furniture. The steel patio furniture has the capacity to withstand turbulence wind that aluminum as result of the heavy weight.

Steel Vs Aluminum — Fading   

Steel and aluminum materials don’t fade aways. Steel is coated to withstand rust and water that could cause fade.

While aluminum is painted with high quality paint that makes it fade. So, both materials are designed to prevent fade and rust.

If you are looking for non faded patio furniture, then you can go for either steel or aluminum patio furniture. 

The features that prevent steel and aluminum to withstand the weather condition of the outside also prevent them from fading out when they are exposed to such outer elements.

Steel Vs Aluminum — Aesthetically Pleasing  

When it comes to aesthetically pleasing steel and aluminum furniture, then you consider the manufacturers.

Some companies produce more beautiful and classic designs patio furniture compared to others. 

Likewise, the more aesthetically designed the design, the more the cost price. The more classic the designs are the more expensive it becomes. 

Modern patio furniture is more aesthetically pleasing and beautiful compared to traditional furniture. 

Every patio furniture is designed to meet one need. The type of the designs you want is what determine how much it will cost you to have it.

Steel and aluminum patio furniture are both functionable that add value to patio and make people sit comfortably. 

The functionality of both materials make people use them in their patio.


Steel and aluminum are better for constructing patio furniture. They’re both durable and sturdy materials.

If you’re budget constraint, then go for aluminum patio furniture. But when your concerns are durability, then go for steel patio furniture.