What Attracts Red Birds to Your Yard? (15 Sure Tips)

In this article I want to show you 15 easy-effective-tips that attract red birds to the yard.

The tips shared here are the most sure method to attract red birds — also to make them find your yard a conducive home for their nesting-shelter. 

Red birds are among the most desired birds in the backyard. Their stunning songs pleased the ears of many people, while their beauty is all-year round.  

These birds aren’t hard to please, once you know how to attract them to your backyard, that settles it. Because most of these red birds are known for non-migration. 

Red birds are beautiful creatures you deserve to have as your pet in your backyard. What discourages most people is how to attract them. 

This is the reason I want to show you the fastest way how to make your backyard their best home. These tips are for both novice and experienced birders. Anyone can apply these tips and get results. 

Let’s dive in.

Tip 1: Use Exact Red Bird Feeders

Red bird feeder

The easiest way to attract red birds into your yard is to serve them with an appropriate feeder.

Red birds don’t use anyhow feeder, even though you display their favorite food. What will attract them to your backyard is the right feeder. 

A feeder that is big enough to contain at least three birds at the same time, and strong enough to carry their weight — feeder that will allow them to twist their body enough when eating, sit, perch, play with their legs and feed face up/forward.

Just as I said earlier, the feeder needs to be sturdy to hold their weight. Mostly, red bird weights equal to 5 to 10 the U.S nickels (i.e 1.5 to 2 ounces).

Getting a feeder of this weight will make red birds enjoy your compound whenever they come around.

If you want to keep the red birds permanently coming to your backyard, then avoid lightweight. Hang feeders to prevent the birds swang under the feeder. Once they swang under the feeder they will permanently run away from your yard.

What will make red birds keep coming to your backyard, is how large the feeder is. Therefore, get a bird feeder that has trays, which will give the bird enough space to perch and turn around while they feed.

Most of the red birds are full-broader, full-breasted birds that need enough space to feed properly.

Remember, you want to permanently keep them coming to your backyard, 

Another way to make them love your backyard is by given them varieties of feeders, such as follows:

  • Hoppers
  • Trays
  • Platform feeder

Set two or three feeders into different places in your backyard and watch the one they like feed on most.

Tip 2: Position The Feeder at a Strategic Position In Your Backyard

Position the feeder in a strategic location in your backyard.

How you position your feeder and where you place it, will determine how easy for birds to see it. 

Just as humans need protection, so do birds. If the position of the feeder is not safe for red birds to perch on, they will not come to your yard.

How should I position the feeder in my backyard? One of the best way, it’s to place your feeder near trees and shrubbery. This will protect them from predators. They will perch on the tree first to watch out for safety before coming to the feeder.

Position the feeder in a way they can hide, when eating. Also, place some feeder at the ground level. 

Ensure wherever you position your feeder it will give the bird a protection from anything that may cause them fear.

The position of red bird feeder matters a lot. Because it’s one of the first determinants that attract birds to your backyard.

Tip 3: Use Ground-Feeder For Shyness Bird And For Security

Red bird ground feeder

Another way to attract red birds to a yard is through ground feeding. Ground feeding provides red birds the maximum security against predators because of the presence of bushes and shrubs.

Scattering some seed on the ground for days to send a message to the bird that there is continuous food over there. Else they’ll only visit your backyard once.

Construct or get a mesh net and tray beneath the feeders to enable the red birds to have enough space to feed as well.

The ground feeder is another great option to attract red birds into your yard. Red birds like ground feeders because it offers them avenues to play and fly off incase of any predator.

Tip 4: Get The Right Food

Do you want red birds in your backyard? Do you want to have red birds often visiting your yard or making your yard their home? Then you need to know their favorite food. 

Fill their feeder with the food they enjoy most. Supply them their most favorite food that will keep them coming back to your backyard.

Red birds take preference and like these foods stated below:

  • Safflower seeds
  • Black oil sunflower seeds
  • Cracked corn
  • Peanut pieces
  • Fresh berries
  • Apple chunks
  • Crumbles
  • Shreds of suet

These are some of the favorite foods for red birds. These foods will make them keep coming to your yard. 

Once the red bird notices that your backyard offers them the right food all round year, they will keep coming to your compound, and latter take up your backyard as their residence.

Keep an eye on the feeder to ensure it’s always filled up, mostly in the morning and late evening. Because this set of birds like eating in the morning and late in the evening.

Tip 5: Place The Food in a Strategic Position

How you place the food on the feeder or on the ground is the determinant factors of what appeal to the red bird before they’ll take pleasure of coming to your 

Because red birds need an area that has protective cover when they feed. Therefore place their food close to the shrubbery and near the trees in your backyard.

They will enjoy and take pleasure in the foliage and feel safer with these hiding sports you provide at your yard.

If there are no squirrels or any other animal that might disturb the food, you can scatter the seed on the ground for the shyest red bird to enjoy in your yard.

Tip 6: Keep Your Feeder Full at All Time

Full feeder

One of the features/characteristics of red birds, is that they don’t migrate like other birds. 

This simply means, when they discover a full feeder all year round at your yard, then they will stay in your yard.

Keep your backyard feeder fill-up always to give your red birds a reliable and trust food source. 

Once they discover there is always food in your yard, then they will keep coming to your yard in all weather. Maintain a full feeder at all seasons. 

Tip 7: Provide a Moving Source of Water


Make your yard a center of attraction for red birds, by providing a reliable source of water. Water source is one of the sure tips to win the attention of red birds into your backyard.

The availability of drinking water in your yard will attract red birds into your yard. Keep the water clean and ensure it replaces when necessary to avoid bacteria or algae growth and mosquito egg as well.

Find a way to place two sticks inside the water that they can perch on first before they start to drink. The sticks will allow them to watch the surroundings first before they start to drink or bathe.

Get a deep bath water bowl and a strong one. The bath can be 2-3 inches to enable them to have a place to drink and bath.

Place the water close to the feeder. Let it be in a position where they find security while bathing or drinking.

Tip 8: Prevent Water From Frozen 

Ensure the water does not freeze during cold weather. During the cold period, heat the water to prevent it from freezing or essence cold.

A little bit of warm water will keep the bird water in a batheable or drinkable stage. Check the water in an Interval of time will help you to know if the water is too cold or freezed. 

This way your bird will enjoy your yard and keep coming to your yard.

You can choose to use basin or immersion to keep the water in good condition for their bathing or drinking. Make it warm during the cold weather.

Tip 9: Offer Nesting Material

Backyard nesting for red birds

Every bird likes a nesting place. Likewise the red bird as well.  When red birds find a nesting place in your yard they will definitely like your yard.

You can construct a red bird nest, by putting yarn, string, or dog fur in a cage and hang it on a tree close to your feeder. If there is no tree then, consider planting shrubbery, green or plant thick greenery.

Immediately they notice there is nest material in your yard, then they will keep coming to your backyard.

Red birds like a nesting area, therefore to keep them coming to your yard is by having nesting materials.

Tip 10: Provide a Protective Shelter

Every bird like a secluded place, the same with red birds. Plant trees in your backyard or grow grasses. 

These trees or bushes will serve as a safe and protective area to bird when they come to your yard. These shelters will keep them often coming to your compound.

The red birds willn’t not just like your yard, but they will bring shelter materials to make the shelter more conducive for them.

Tip 11: Avoid Predator at The Feeding Areas


Red birds don’t like a place where they’re not protected. They keep off from that environment that’s not safe for them.

So, it’s important to keep predators away from the environment where birds visit in your yard. Keep outdoor pets from that area as well.

Red birds are sensitive to any environmental threat. They fly off from such an environment that is not safe at all.

To maintain cordially the relationship between your environment and birds, keep the area safe for them.

Tip 12: Always Maintain a Clean Feeder

How clean and healthy the bird’s feeder is what determines how often they will visit after the first visit.

If a red bird can visit your yard for the first time, I think you will do everything possible to keep them coming back to your yard again.

Clean the feeder of mold, mildew or any other thing that may stop the bird from visiting again after the first visit.

I clean the feeder in my yard every week to ensure the birds are safe and to always have clean water to play around with.

I use mild dish solid soap and hot water or a 1:9 bleach solution to clean the feeder at least once in a week or more. I allow it to dry before I refill it back with water.

Red birds take pleasure in an environment  that has a continuous source of water and food. This will keep the red bird coming to your yard.

Tip 13: Avoid Reflective Objects Where Red Bird Visit in Your Yard

Avoid reflecting object

Even though red birds are territorial, they tend to fight whatever intrude into their area. They attack any reflection from the car mirror, window, and shiny bumper especially if this object threatens their safety.

Most importantly, they stop coming to an area that’s not safe for them. To ensure birds keep coming to your yard, then remove every reflective object in that area. 

How safe is your environment, is how often birds will visit your environment.

Tip 14: Plant Evergreen Trees/Shrubs

Research had reviewed that red birds find these trees the most safer place for them to roost on.

If you want to attract red birds to your yard, then plant green trees or shrubs. These trees attract birds to compound. 

You can also plant thick greenery trees that can also be uses as a protective area in which they nest on.

Tip 15: Create More Feeders

The essence of many feeders is that one may not accommodate the number of birds that will visit at a time. 

Once they are not able to see many feeders they can feed on, they will definitely fly away from that yard.

But the backyard that has many feeders will likely be the most favorable place for them to nest on and make it their home.

The number feeders is what will attract the red birds to your backyard without you having to do anything else. 

This also will solve the problem of crowding during birds feeding in your backyard. Red birds don’t like crowded feeding areas.


Red birds are one of the most homely birds you can easily see at home. So, to make them a permanent visitor in your yard is very simple. 

If you follow the tips shared here you will definitely have red birds into your yard.

These tips are practical sure ways to attract red birds into your yard. They are tested and found to be the best way to attract red birds.

If you need red birds as your pet in the yard, then you need to follow these tips provided here.