What Bugs Does Dynatrap Catch?

The Dynatrap is designed to catch most of the flying insects that are usually attracted to brighter light. 

These flying insects fly toward the direction of light. Dynatrap emits bright light that calls for the attention of these insects.

Asking for the bugs that Dynatrap can catch; here are some of the bugs Dynatrap can catch:

  • Mosquitoes
  • Biting flies
  • Asian beetles
  • No see-ums
  • Wasps
  • Hornets
  • Moths
  • Stink bugs
  • Midges
  • Stink bugs

The dynatrap is designed with specially technology that makes it effective to attract and kill most flying insects.

How Does Dynatrap Work?

Dynatrap is built with fluorescent bulbs that emit warm ultraviolet light that call the attention of flying insects. Because flying insects are naturally attracted to any warm light.

The ultraviolet light that emits from the Dynatrap produced carbon dioxide from the brightness. 

Insects require carbon dioxide for the complete circle of the respiratory system. As the dynatrap produces it, insects are drawn towards it. 

In the process of taking in the carbon dioxide, the insects will go inside the dynatrap. 

Once the insect gets inside, the heat from the fluorescent will naturally suffocate the insects to the point of death within 24 hours.

You can connect a Dynatrap with any 110 volt outlet. Dynatrap has already been assembled, just plug it into the outlet to get electricity power.

Because of the continuous working day and night, many people are concerned about the trap overheating.

Dynatrap is designed with excellent material that makes it not to overheat irrespective of the number of days it works.

The Dynatrap can successfully work under rain or shine so long you place it in a covered area.

Protect the electrical component of Dynatrap from the rain or any other weather condition. 

The most important thing about Dynatrap is that you don’t have to check this trap on a daily basis to see if it’s working or not.

once the device plugs into power and it’s switched on will automatically kill insects.

For the trap not to be over crowded with insects and also function very well, you need to empty it once in a week or in two weeks, depending on your schedule.

Most times, when you have used it for a while, you can empty it once in a month. 

Is Dynatrap Toxin Free?

Dynatrap is perfectly designed to be toxic and odor free. The Dynatrap doesn’t have any health related issues. 

Having Dynatrap on your patio or anywhere close to you on the outdoor will not stop you from enjoying the fresh air that nature offers.

Unlike other flying insect devices (Mozi, Bug zappers, etc.), Dynatrap is odorless and toxin free because the fluorescent bulbs only emit bright lights that don’t affect human eyes.

Why is there a constant need for better anti-bug devices?

The increase in the different species of insects are what necessitate the call for better anti-bugs devices.

Everyone needs an anti-bug device that’s free of toxin and odor. A trap you can put in your patio while using the patio as well.

An insect device that doesn’t pollute the air or harm the human body system. That is what gave rise to producing many anti-bug devices..

The constant call for better anti-bugs is the ineffectiveness of some of the pesticides and bug sprays in the market. 

As a result of the ineffectiveness of some pesticide and insects, killer spray makes the bugs grow quite resistant. 

And the viruses too have evolved to such an extent that the previous antibiotics do not work on them anymore.

In the sub-urban town that I live, mosquitoes are by far the biggest threat to my family. They spread diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Yellow Fever and Encephalitis, which can be quite deadly in their most virulent forms.

Besides eliminating the breeding ground for mosquitoes such as pools of water, fallen leaf piles and cracks in home exteriors, homeowners need to invest in a proper bug trap as well. And this is where the DynaTrap comes in.

Specific bug solutions like pesticides and pest strips can be very effective against mosquitoes, but they can also have harmful effects on humans. 

So, I would suggest that you go for pesticides as a last-ditch measure when all else fails.

The Dynatrap is more effective in killing mosquitoes and flying insects, which ordinary insecticide wouldn’t not have killed. And doesn’t harm humans.

What Space of Land Can Dynatrap Cover?

The Dynatrap flying insects trap can cover a land space of 1/2 acre and 1 acre. That’s approximately 21,700 square feet to 43,500 square feet. 

The size of your compound is what determines how many Dynatrap flying insects trap you will use.

If you have a regular-sized backyard in your home, then one Dynatrap will perfectly repel or kill the flying insects.

For commercial use like during huge outdoor events, you can also use the Dynatrap ​​Insects Trap. 

You can also opt to purchase multiple ​​insect traps and place them about an acre away from each other to maximize the effectivity of the

What Is The Distance Between Dynatrap And The House?

The distance between the Dynatrap and your house should be 20 to 40 feet. 

This is a considerable distance that’ll prevent flying insects from entering your home.

The distance is not because the trap has any effect but to keep flying bugs off from the house.

Likewise, the trap is noiseless. It works effectively once it is plugged into the power outlet. Once there is 110 voltage the trap will work.

How Often Should I Empty The Trap And Change The UV Bulb?

Once the trap is switched on, empty it after 2 weeks, and repeat it after two weeks of emptying the trap. This will make the trap work effectively.

You can also change the UV bulb every 4 months for it to attract bugs more effectively. When you change the UV bulb every 4-month, it means you will only buy 3 bulbs yearly.

Though, you might buy more than 3 bulbs in a year because high-voltage might damage the UV bulbs. Everything being equal, you have to change the bulbs 3-time in a year.

How To Maintenance Dynatrap

One of the major maintenance of Dynatrap is the fan. Ensure you properly clean the fan. 

Another way to maintian your Dynatrap is to remove the bulbs when it dies. Replace it with new ones.

To replace the bulb is to screw the old one out then screw back the new bulb.

The trap is surprisingly durable and can withstand almost any season conditions, especially the monsoon.

When screwing out the UV bulb, get a plastic bag to empty both living and dead flies inside it.

Because Dynatrap doesn’t kill bugs instantly when it catches but suffocates and dehydrates them till they die.

Though it might seem like a lot of work at first, which even I thought was the case, I got used to it rather quickly.

Another alternative would be to buy an extra retaining cage. So, when the time comes to clean the one in use, you can remove it from the trap by covering its mouth and then insert the new one in. 

This way you can just wait out for the bugs to die rather than holding a blow dryer for a long time.


The Dynatrap is designed to catch so many flying insects and mosquitoes. The trap is noiseless and has the capacity to work all throughout night and day.

The Dynatrap is an effective way to kill flying insects and mosquitoes. It is an effective device to keep mosquitoes out of the environment.