Where Should a Patio Umbrella Be Placed?

There are many positions you can choose to place umbrella at the patio to get maximum shade. Also your patio table is another factor that determine how possible you can place umbrella.

you can place patio umbrella on one side of the patio to best create wider shade and better view without any obstruction from the handle frame. however, you can place patio umbrella at the center of patio table to create shade with sight obstruction by the frame.

Different people adopt several methods that best create the shade they need.

The methods are based on the size of the patio, the direction of the sunset, and the types of umbrella you choose to use. 

In this post, you’ll discover creative ways to place your umbrella at the patio that’ll provide maximum shade.

Let’s get started.

Use Patio Center Table to Place Umbrella on a Level Patio

Table umbrella is used to create shade at the patio when the patio is on level ground. 

This is an easy way to make you enjoy your patio during sunrise.

The table umbrella is placed inside the hole on the center of the table. The umbrella is placed at the center of the table. 

The table is use to support the umbrella, while creating excellent shade. The table is use to protect the umbrella from blow away by winds.

One of the good thing about this types of umbrella position at the patio, is that you can move the umbrella and the table to any position of your choice.

The table umbrella requires a level surface to prevent it from wobbling. 

The picture below is a clear example of a umbrella placed on the center hole table.

Place Umbrella By The Side

The side mount position of an umbrella at the patio is one of the best ways to create shade at the patio.

The side mount umbrella is used to create shade on a large patio. It’s an excellent way to make you enjoy the patio.

Side mount umbrellas are known for their versatility in covering both dining and lounge areas. 

Using the side mount umbrella method to create shade on the patio will help you enjoy the company of your friends and free flow of conversation since there is no pole blockage in the middl;e of the umbrella.

Use Center Pole Tables Place Umbrella

The center pole table will enable you to move the umbrella to any direction of your choice.

Also the center pole table serves two purposes; it’s used to hold an umbrella, and a table for keeping your drinks.

The center pole table umbrella is designed with 2 inches poles and canopy at the top. Depending on the size of the canopy umbrella, they determine the widths of the canopy.

The canopy widths range between 9 to 15 feet in diameter. Follow the instructions on the table owner’s manual to install it properly.

The instruction on the manual will tell you what you need to position it that’ll prevent it from tipping over.

Create a Rotating Shade With Tilting Umbrella

The Tilting umbrella is designed to create shade at early hours of the morning or at late evening.

Tilting umbrella is built to give shade against sunlight coming from a specific direction. One of the features of the Tilting umbrella is that you can rotate it to any direction of your choice.

It is useful in an open-wide place, where there is nothing to provide shade. It’s good for camping or wide-open spaces.

The tilting umbrellas are in different sizes. The size of the shade you want depends on the size umbrella you’ll buy.

Cantilever Umbrellas

Are you looking for an umbrella with an increased shade of motion?

Then the Cantilever patio umbrella is what you need. It’s a higher version of the Tilting umbrella that offers much larger shade.

Cantilever umbrellas are used to beautify five star hotels. And they’re durable and built to withstand any weather conditions you may expose. 

This is a great option for those who want the best and durable umbrella on their patio. 

Cantilever umbrellas are made from durable materials that prevent it from tearing. 

Starting from the heavy base, strong frame, to the fabric material are high-quality materials that prevent it from being destroyed on time.

Cantilever umbrellas are mobile umbrellas that you can move up and down or side by side. This is among the most durable and popular umbrellas in most five star hotels.

Use Mobile Umbrella To Create Shade

This is another easy to create shade on your patio. The free standing umbrellas are one of the simple ways to create shade.

The umbrella can easily be moved to different locations when you see the sun change position.

With a freestanding umbrella, you don’t necessarily require the area to be level. 

You can set the freestanding umbrella in the grass or on the patio with ease. The freestanding umbrella creates reasonable shade you’ll like.

Another factor while the freestanding umbrella is most prefered by many people, is that you can easily remove it when you’re done with it. 

Always remove the freestanding umbrella when you’re done using it to prevent it from being destroyed by winds. Because these umbrellas don’t have much support like the table center umbrella.

 The freestanding umbrella uses a screw-in system that you can use to make it solid and stand very well.

You can as well use extra tools to make the freestanding umbrella stand strong. The freestanding umbrella has screws you can use to screw in a base to a wall or floor.

Though, the only disadvantage about the base screw is that you can’t move the umbrella easily.  But it will make it strong and protect it against wind.

Umbrella Stabilization

Umbrella base or stabilization is very important. It helps to prevent your umbrella from tipping, therefore it’s important you properly secure your umbrella.

Even the center table umbrella needs extra reinforcement of the base to make it stable. 

Here are various umbrella stabilizations you can use to make your umbrella stable.

Belmont 50-lb. Umbrella Base

The Belmont 50-lb umbrella base is designed to create shade for an area up to 9 feets diameter.

The belmond 50-lb umbrella base requires 8-¼ inches between the ground. It requires a stretcher to make it fit under the table.

Slim Profile 35-lb. Umbrella Base

This umbrella based is sleek and flat to the ground. The sleek make it to fit under the table with low stretchers.

This base requires 6 inches between the ground and stretcher to fit under the table.

 With this you don’t need extra base stabilizer.

What Is The Size Of Patio?

The size of your patio is what determines the size of umbrella you’ll buy. Likewise, the size of your umbrella you’ll buy sometimes depends on your budget. 

You might not create shade across the whole patio, measure the size of the area you want the shade to be. 

Most times, people think chosen an oversize umbrella is the best way to create shade. But not so, the oversize umbrella will make your patio arrangement off balance.

The umbrella should be 2 feet extended from each side of the patio.

For example, if you have a 6-foot round table, it means you need an umbrella that’s 12 feet in diameter.

Below is a table that shows the table and umbrella size.

Table (Inches)Umbrella(Feet)
30 — 366 —  8
38 — 489 — 11
54 — 6011 — 12
72 — 8412 — 14
96 — 10813 — 15

Understanding The Position of The Sun

The position of the sun is based on the four cardinal points; the north, south, east and west.

These four points are what tell the position of the sun, when it comes to sunset and sunrise.

Generally, the sun rises from the East and the sun sets from the West. The easiest way to discover the east and west is very simple.

When you come out in the morning and notice the sun is at your hand,it simply means you’re facing north and you’re backing south. 

But in the after when the sun is at your right hand, it means you’re facing south and backing north.

Find out the position of the sun rise before you install your umbrella. The position of the sun rise will tell where the umbrella will be.

To have better shade and create the coolest shade is to block the sun from the rising position.

The Position Of Umbrella on The Patio

Now, you know the position of the sun, let’s look at the various  positions of umbrellas on the patio.

There’re many ways you can place your umbrella. Most times, what determines the position you choose to put your umbrella depends on the umbrella or the size of the area.

Likewise, the position of the sun is another factor you need to consider when choosing the position of the umbrella.

Here are the various positions you can place an umbrella on your patio.


There is no specific position where you should place a patio umbrella. The only factor you consider when you want to place a patio umbrella is the direction of the sun.

These various ways shown in this article are creative methods to make you have good shade on your patio.

Choose any of these ways to place your umbrella on the patio. You can use a free standing umbrella or side mount umbrella to create the exact shade you need.